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Monday, 20 December 2010

Simple woman's daybook written 20th December

FOR TODAY Monday 20th December

Outside my window...cold, grey, icy, messy.

I am thinking... about writing the last few Christmas cards to be hand delivered, already temperatures are dropping so won't be till tomorrow.

I am thankful for...being able to stay indoors, but have missed church, Nine lessons and carols and a party yesterday but just know it would not be wise to venture forth on the ice and in such low temperatures.

From the kitchen...haven't done so much Christmas baking this year. Ian for some reason I cannot fathom doesn't wish me to make mince pies so he has bought them instead. Will make trifle, brandy butter but they are not really baking. Only made cake, and that was Waitrose's Delia Smith with all ingredients ready measured. The banana loaf I made Saturday was a great success, added sultanas to recipe from my mother's All colour Cookbook. Such a classic, with lurid colour illustrations. The index is good, it is by recipe number rather than page number.

I am wearing...old warm grey trousers; blue striped Thomas Pink shirt, navy blue round neck M & S jumper and blue, pink and white socks. One day I may wear socks I have knitted myself, well that's the plan.

I am beret with Rowan alpaca yarn left from jumper.

I am be helping with Christmas lunch at our church hall for guests who would otherwise be alone. Either I or daughter will collect and return a client; Ian will drive a lady who will be happier in the Picasso, easier to get in and out rather than in a 14 year old Corsa.

I am reading...nothing at the moment, took two days to read the Saturday papers.

I am hoping...the temperatures will rise suddenly and so all those who wish to travel may.

I am hearing...husband talking to son on phone. Son's business closed early at 3pm, he works in a hilly area, transport is difficult.

Around the house... tree up and decorated; lights on when curtains are open.

One of my favourite things... yesterday evening as Ian out singing at church so it was a Mummy-and-Martha evening. She looked after me very well, we drank tea, she made toast from home made bread which we had with home made jam and watched TV including the tear jerking Noel Edmond's Christmas presents. Not my usual viewing, but loads of feel good factor and do gooding. Could knit at same time too. A good, relaxing evening.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Gas fire to be fitted tomorrow then tidying up and preparing for Christmas. Plans depend on the weather.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

View from back bedroom window, shows the pruning our trees had last week, completed just before the snows came.  Does make the downstairs lighter.

May I mention the Simple woman's daybook blog and offer a link back to the main page of this blog. 

Christmas greetings to all, PixieMum


  1. I have the All Colour Cookbook too, the recipes are numbered so I expect it's the same one - and mine was my mother's as well. I haven't looked in it for a while, admittedly.

    I made a few tiny mince pies last week, because I had some leftover pastry. It was bought pastry, my short-crust is terrible. It's my worst cooking failure, I don't understand what I do wrong but it's very unreliable.

    The forecast does seem to be improving - yesterday morning, snow was forecast here for the rest of the week but now it only seems to be expected tomorrow, and some sun later in the week. Still jolly cold though.

  2. Pink jumper looks great ! Hope you enjoy wearing it !

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that you are feeling better after what must have been a miserable Christmas. Life must get better!

    A Happy New Year to you.