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Sunday, 12 December 2010

A week just gone.

Just a few thoughts about the past week as it has been a good one.

Good because the weather, although cold, was not bad enough to keep me indoors so have been out and about.

Tuesday was an Advent Quiet Day spent at St. Michael's Convent, a place of retreat and reflection where our group joined the Sisters in worship, we thought about St. Ambrose whose saints day it was and we had opportunity to walk in the garden or find a peaceful area in the house or library to reflect, plan, or prepare during Advent. should give more information.

Next day was such a contrast, but no less enjoyable for it was a Christmas lunch with a group of fellow librarians all of whom at some time have worked at MOD library in Whitehall. Lots of frivolity, chat and laughter, I didn't stay long in town, emerged from tube by St Martin in the Fields and returned via Piccadilly station. Didn't feel like facing shops, crowds or cold.

Whilst away further progress was made with fireplace when the chimney was lined; we look forward to Tuesday when work will be completed, I hope. Am a little weary of the muddle and untidiness.

Out again to knitting group on Thursday and for birthday and Christmas shopping on Friday, our son's 30th birthday was yesterday and we had expected to see him today. Instead we had an extra visit yesterday evening as his wife was at her works 'do' and we were able to give him gifts then and chat with him.

They both visited today, we took them out for lunch, came back here and it was apparent he was tired so they had cake and tea before departing early. Fortunately both of them have this week off from work and they need the rest. It has been a busy time, their marriage, other friends and family weddings and all the adjustments of setting up home together. It all seems good vibes though.

At church was relieved that my decision to relinquish my sidesman role had been accepted without acrimony, it helped that I will assist in an emergency. Even now not sure why I wish to stop, just that I do and that is my way. Instant decision, if it is a wrong one I worry after, if right, I don't.

Oh, other good news! I have finished pink jumper, it's a little more fitted than I may have liked, perhaps up the needle size. The up size of this is I have yarn left over and am attempting to knit a beret with it. Promises have been made to daughter never to wear beret with matching jumper. Fashion suicide.

Picture taken by Ian shows jumper looking more mauvy pink, not a dusty pink, not sure about colour on his camera!

Another view. Plus is that it is very warm and if necessary can wear gilet over it without looking like michelin mum.

Well, I think I'm off to have another go at the beret, am using circular needles not 4 double ended ones. Meant brim will be stocking stitch not garter but it's an experiment. More info in Ravelry wip bit.

Byee for now, looking forward to reading your comments.

Will be back to let you know how pulmonary gym session goes tomorrow.


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  1. Well, you've got the figure for a fitted jumper, at any rate! It looks lovely.