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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

U3A 25th


A couple of photographs to show display at Kingston U3A 25th celebrations, spot my Beekeeper's Quilt displayed vertically 

It was a very long day, tiring but worthwhile manning the display for the Knitting group. As I wasn't involved with any other group I sat and guarded everything, especially my Beekeeper's Quilt from about 10am till 4pm whilst trying to explain how I made it, about magic loop,  casting on to for the 'pocket' , about increasing and decreasing to obtain the hexagon, about stuffing before completing with three needle bind off. It did help that I am using magic loop to make socks, had my Work in Progress with me of course so that helped my explanation. 

Quite surprised to see people I knew in my other lives who are not U3A members but had dropped by so the occasion was a good catchup. Looked around other displays by different groups, there aren't any others I wish to join, I attend a Pilates class locally where there is no parking problems, the book club is local too, also just have no time to undertake more activities. 

Finally a picture of the fruit cake to add to the celebrations, appropriate as I am watching Bake off final whilst typing this in notes then cutting and pasting in Blogger which is playing up again. 

Please ignore the odd character and lack of punctuation!


  1. I don't know what U3A stands for, but it sounds like you had a very interesting and fun day with many conversations and unexpected visits from people you know.

  2. University of the Third Age. Best to Google it but it is for retired and semi retired people to come together to learn and discover, not for,the qualifications but joy of learning new skills. Crafts are a very tiny part, there are groups for languages, science, choirs, orchestras, reading, research projects such as local history. Many would vary according to,the interests of the members.

    1. Thank you - this sounds great! I wonder whether we have something similar here in Germany.