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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Domestic details

Rather pleased that I have managed to line up the stripes at the start of the second sock, would like to have these finished in less than six days so I could display them at Kingston U3A's open day along with the Beekeeper's Quilt. This event is to celebrate 25 years of existence, apart from displays of knitting and patchwork groups' work, there will be ongoing Scrabble games, singing, a bike to reflect the interest of other groups.  Not sure how discussion groups will display their activity, will try to report back afterwards. Details on their U3A website if any of my loyal readers are in the vicinity of SW London - it is Kingston upon Thames, not upon Hull. 

At Pixie Towers there  is plenty of opportunity to knit, decorating is continuing well, there is a lot to do as we have a large original built in dresser and a larder to be painted, all of which have had to be emptied out. Earliest use by date found was 2009.

Having typed this on Note app will now try to upload and save it on Blogger. 

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