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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Small things

I may have mentioned that I am a volunteer at the Local Studies library, recording information, none of which would be done however many staff the authority employed without the use of volunteers. Last week on my way out passing a huge notice board I spotted that it is now possible to download magazines through Zinio app using my library card number. Briefly, I have managed all on my own to download three of the magazines, the ones that I would look at in W H Smiths or Waitrose but couldn't justify buying for one or two articles.  Country Living was a particular weakness, ironic really I am such an disorganised person to live miles from anywhere. Actually not all the magazine is countryside, there was an article about a local garden centre and its cafe situated in this London borough. Next thing will be to clear my pile of back issues, just keeping ideas that would suit Pixie Towers, like illustrations and sources of herringbone parquet flooring or craft ideas. 

Ian has now registered too so the impulse buys of New Scientist are a thing of the past. 

Last weekend went by train to Dorset, slower but less stressful than driving over 100 miles each way in a 20 year old Corsa so much knitting of Ian's sock was done. As I am doing these socks one at a time so I line up the stripes I am very careful to record the rows using five bar gate system, pencil and paper too.

Much progress since this photo was taken, I am now decreasing for the toe, then will be using the left handed version of Kitchener stitch to provide a  neat join. 

For some time I have been having problems with Blogger app jumping back to my front page, I am going to write my blog in a copy and paste in Notes or maybe Word. 

Meanwhile back to making a pineapple fruit cake.  


  1. You've mentioned your volunteer work a few times, and I find it fascinating. So good to know there are people like you, who are willing to do what others can't (or won't) fit into their normal work day.

    As for train vs. car - I don't drive (never tried for a license) and so am always out and about on trains. The hours of reading I get done this way would never be possible otherwise.

  2. Well done, volunteering for your library. I am sure it is people like you are saving our libraries from extinction.

  3. The library where I volunteer isn't the usual lending library but the Local Studies, Heritage, Archive for the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

    The project on which I am working is recording information from 1970 photographs given by the local paper.

    Didn't intend blog to be about that, more about the notice outside the reference library, about my success in downloading magazines, the problems I had with Blogger shortened my blog, thought I would publish the truncated form, talk more about Blogger and decorating next time.

    Thank you both for your kind comments.

  4. Your pineapple fruit cake is gorgeous!

  5. Will bring one next time we visit.

  6. I must sign up for the Zinio thing, I think the Bournemouth libraries do it. My Sis-in-law gives me Country Living as a Christmas gift every year, so I am a bit spoilt with that.