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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Archeological wallpaper

Our favourite decorators, Michael and David have been smartening up our kitchen, the scullery/laundry room/extension plus those parts of our new downstairs shower room that require painting. Whilst rubbing down the wall behind the fridge freezer M and D found the remains of varnished wallpaper behind the fridge freezer. After much discussion it was decided the paper was probably 1930s vintage that had been varnished. I reckon it looks like a design for a knitted blanket squares. In nearly 19 years of living here we had never come across this paper before, it was assumed that the wall had been plastered and painted, at least 3 or 4 times by M and D.  It was reckoned they have been decorating our homes for about 27 years. 

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  1. When we (Mum, Dad, sis and I) redecoracted our tiny rented terraced house in the 1980s, we found several layers of wallpaper, almost one for each decade since the 1940s! In my sister's room, we preserved one wall completely in a very stylish 1950s paper. It was hard work but just looked too good to tear down, and was a great surprise find.