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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Carry on learning

Yesterday was a meeting of the South West London branch of the Knitting & Crochet Guild,  held as usual at Kingston John Lewis where a select group of ladies met to learn about Bavarian crochet.

We were shown a completed square, my it looked complicated, and it was, a new stitch to me was learnt, double treble leading me to realise a petal shape, the process required deep concentration on my part, I kept forgetting the number of chains and double trebles required so progress was slow but I enjoyed learning something new and practical. The time went so quickly, in between there was a quick glance at some of the knitting and crochet magazines brought in, brief chats with my neighbour as I couldn't learn and chat so I didn't even complete the second round or change to another colour.

It didn't matter, I will catch up on the recommended YouTube site but I enjoyed myself so much sitting in a rather warm, stuffy community room. Of course, without the internet I would never have known about the Guild, Ravelry, knitting groups or read knitting and crochet blogs. As John Lewis have free wifi I took my iPad so I was able to find the YouTube site there and then. 

Here is my efforts so far in yellow Stylecraft DK, I took blue for the contrast, bright cheerful colours. No beige. 


  1. Always good to learn something new! Glad you found out about the group and had the chance to attend.

  2. I've never heard of Bavarian crocheting before - I must go and look it up. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's always good to pay a visit to the people who read it. I'll be back for more on your blog.