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Friday, 13 May 2016

May happenings

Yesterday morning on Facebook details popped up about a new British charity, Bronchiectasis Foundation, so of course I looked at the website for more information. So helpful, I never realised that sinusitis and tiredness were  symptoms of Bronchiectasis  but it does explain why some days, fortunately not too often, I feel exhausted shortly after a good night's sleep. Although my symptoms are mild I was breathless yesterday after climbing the stairs from the District Line to the exit at Embankment station. 

Please give details of this charity to anyone who lives with Bronchiectasis, the information in the web site has assisted me to understand what is 'normal' with this.  May I add I do have great support from our GP practice, the borough Respiratory Care Team and the Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Now to knitting, completion and ongoing projects:-  

Noah's jacket has been finished, it is Beyond Puerperium, as a flexible pattern I made it navy and white stripes, size was for 6 to 12 months, Noah was born last December, as can be seen the cardigan fits him perfectly now, it is not as if he is an outsize baby. I should have been more aware of pattern note that it was designed to be worn over a single body hugging layer. Noah's Mother is very happy with the cardigan, but I feel he won't get too much wear if he has a growth spurt. 

Ian's new socks are providing another knitting conundrum, the Opal yarn came in one 100 gram ball so I would the first 50 grams into a round ball, well actually it was 49 & 51 grams to be precise, I like to knit a pair socks simultaneously on two magic loops, so cast on both socks in green, the rib then came out different colours, as I plodded through the leg it became apparent that the pattern was upside down on one sock. 

Ian isn't bothered, he is happy for me to carry on.  I am puzzled as one sock started at the beginning of the original big ball, the other technically started half way through, so was the dyeing pattern reversed half way through?  I have looked through Ravelry, no one seems to have had this difficulty, nor is there any for sale on  Ravelry,  to allow me to make two more socks to make two pairs, each matching. Alternatively one sock could be undone, the wool rewound so I start second sock at the other end.  Does seem a lot of work, although I have kept a record of number of rounds for rib and the leg, not even at the heel yet either. 

Whatever I decide to do in future when shopping for sock yarn the wool will  in 50 gram balls or if in 100 grams will not be multicoloured. 

The date on the top of my blog doesn't reflect the date it was published, which was 23rd May, it was 10days before that I started jottings that became this blog. It will be back to paper and pen for my initial ideas. 


  1. I rather like not-quite-matching things!

  2. I am totally with you on not buying multi-coloured 100g yarn again, at least, not to knit two socks simultaneously. I am working on a pair and got in the most awful tangle trying to get the yarn wound into two separate balls which would start in the same place with the patterns going in the same direction. It was so dreadful I came close to simply giving up and throwing out the entire thing. The baby jacket looks lovely!

  3. Too late today I found information about matching stripes in Super Socks by Christine Perry, 'Winwick Mum', the illustrations even show Opal yarn. Having knitted 95 rounds I am about to start on heels and will soldier on.

    Thanks for your comments Kathryn, have been catching up with your blog.

    Zoe, have enjoyed hearing about your travels around East, Middle and Western parts of the Kingdom.

  4. I'm glad you've solved the conundrum, and these will indeed be very special socks because you can't buy upside down matching socks in the shops! xx

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