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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Decluttering continues

We are attempting to clear Pixie Towers of items that we no longer use or need, this morning we cleared, cleaned and emptied the cabinet housing our Sony compact hifi system, date on the manual is 1990.  Details are now on Richmond Freecycle so it is to be hoped that another family will enjoy listening. 

We hope the cabinet housing the hifi will go too, we don't want the collector to sell it on say at a car boot sale or eBay so if we are not happy with respondents it will go to a charity that takes electrical items like Heart Foundation. 

Clearing is liberating, can be difficult when the item has sentimental connections. 


  1. Items of high sentimental value for me are usually allowed to stay, but they are not stereo-size :-)
    I love decluttering, and now that my renovation and room-switching project is finished, it felt so good getting rid of the old (ugly) settee and some other stuff! My Third Room is now ready to be sorted through, and I am sure quite a lot from the corner cabinet will move downstairs into the cellar, such as many of the tools I won't need often, like the drilling machine.

  2. The British Heart Foundation is good for furniture donations. I often look in their shops and they sell for reasonable prices.

    I gave an old gramophone player, records and cabinet to our local Dementia Day Centre and they were delighted. They were happy to collect it and sent me a lovely card afterwards telling me how much the patients enjoyed using it. It had sentimental value to me as I played with it under supervision when I was a child. I was really pleased that others could still enjoy it.