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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Knitting books

Yesterday afternoon we went to an open day at our local beekeeping society, first time we've been, I wanted to find local honey as it seems to help health wise. Plenty of activities and fund raising, information, bee friendly plants for sale, coffee, cake and raffle tickets were purchased, Sauvignon blanc 2013 was won. 

On our way out we spotted the book stall, usual fiction and old cookery books, then treasure was found. Two hardback and four books of patterns by Patricia Roberts; Passion for colour by Sarah Burnett;  three copies of Knitwear by Nancy Vale of whom I had never heard; four copies of Vogue Knitting dated September 1967 (not to be sold separately), Winter special 1986/87 & 1988, Autumn '97. In 1986 edition there is a feature on The Great British Knitters featuring  Susan Duckworth, Edina Ronay, Kaffe Fassett, Sasha Kagan. In the same issue there is an article by Elizabeth Zimmerman on afterthought thumbs. 

Another issue has an interview with the Knitting Bishop and More Brits who knit featuring Patricia Roberts. 

The lady on the stall said she found the books when she came to set up the previous day, doubted any one would want them so asked us for just £5.00  as she wanted to be rid of them. I left a Kaffe Fassett Glorious Knitting as I have a better copy. 

These books, even though they are old so much is relevant and topical, both the articles and advertisements are fascinating, I am enjoying the serendipity of it all but I doubt I will knit the big, patterned 80s jumpers. 

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  1. What a great surprise find for you! I love 1960s fashion and would have liked to browse those Vogue Knitting magazines from September 1967 - half a year older than I am :-)