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Monday, 26 October 2015



Delighted to have won this quilted Advent calendar yesterday afternoon at the Richmond & Kew Quilters exhibition held at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington. There were a couple of raffles in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Trinity Hospice, in this one there were  14 quilted items as prizes, one put one's raffle ticket in the numbered bag matching the item one would like to win. We bought a couple of tickets, chose a cushion,  another cushion we really liked had so many entries so we went for the calendar instead. Must give credit to Julie Standeven who made it, and a number of other quilts in the show. 

The show wasn't well publicised, the venue's fault not the quilters, I was told about it in the morning, just open for three days, finished yesterday and although I am not a quilter thought it would be interesting, and it was, plenty of books, gadgets, fabric  for sale as well as a cafe facility.  Given that it was the Rugby World Cup second semifinal very nearby we decided against driving but travelled by diverted buses each way, fortunately the traffic was light, we reached home about 10 minutes before the end of the match. Very pleased with the result, just the final next Saturday and our town will be back to what counts for normal when living near Twickenham stadium. 

Detail for 11th day of Advent or 11th December, DS birthday. We haven't had an Advent calendar for many years so I am unsure whether it is opened on 1st December or Advent Sunday so may I have a definitive answer from you, the reader please?

Another quilt we thought was very clever was  this:-

the embroidered map of Milly-Molly-Mandy's village, with buildings, Toby the dog and MMM herself quilted. Of course this has led me to perusing my copy of this book whereby I notice that MMM is sent to buy a skein of red wool for sixpence for Grandma who knitted socks and mittens and nice warm woollies for them all. Of course I had never picked up that detail before, nor that Auntie who sewed frocks and shirts had a sewing machine that looks just like the 70 year old Singer that belonged to my Mother. A very self sufficient family with three generations living under one thatched roof. 



  1. Since the Advent Calendar has 24 days, it would have to begin on the 1st of December, rather than Advent Sunday.

    What a lovely prize to win. I love Advent calendars and enjoy watching children's anticipation when they have one. The map of Milly-Molly-Mandy's village is a real treasure...

  2. Advent Calendars are everywhere in Germany, and I've of course grown up with them (and still get one with chocolates from my parents every year). They start on the 1st of December.
    The one you won is beautiful!

  3. 1st December! Always confuses me when Advent Sunday is in November!