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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Oh happy day

Yesterday I spent the main part of the day at the local archive, working on my own project of recording details about photographs that appeared, or didn't in the local paper, the Richmond & Twickenham Times from June 1969 to the early eighties. The photos for each issue are now in folders, so my task is to plough through the microfilm to find the report that matches with the photo., record the details in the picture, file photos in special plastic wallets before word processing the details.  Sometimes there is an article where the photo wasn't used but was retained and can be linked to the relevant report. It does help that I would have read the paper all my life and recognise some of the characters in the report. My mother used to post it to me when I was at college in Liverpool to keep me in touch with home. 

As the photo collections starts from June it doesn't contain the photo from when I was on the front page of the paper in 6th May 1969 with my American pen friend who had come to visit after we had been writing to each other for ten years. 

As the weather was so beautiful I walked across Richmond Bridge, noticing the very high tide had flooded the tow path to wait for the bus home. At the bus stop I was asked where I bought my shoes, my enquirer thought they were gorgeous - I do agree, this has happened before so here are my red suede shoes bought in a sale from Jones the Bootmakers.

I do like the small heel, some how they make me feel elegant, if they make other people smile too so much the better. 

More smiles when I reached home, Ian had bought and planted a whole tray of cyclamen around our privet hedge, they should do well in the bed of horse manure compost. 

I hope these will bring a smile to anyone passing by, such colour throughout the year. 


  1. Red shoes spruce up any outfit, don't they, and yours really look very nice with the heel. I used to have red suede shoes to wear this time of the year, too, but currently my only red ones are a pair of mules for very hot summer days. I think I should go and have a look at my favourite shoe Shops ;-)

  2. I like red shoes very much too and they seem to go with almost everything. I was reading in the paper today that those sort, with the bar across, are very fashionable this year.