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Friday, 2 October 2015

Work in progress

I haven't mentioned knitting and crochet recently, here is an indication of how I have spent this morning. 

It has been a surprising struggle to join crochet squares together to form this blanket, this morning I discovered the light blue square back to front so there was undoing of the slip stitch join I had done yesterday evening whilst catching up with the Bake Off. 

After a while it is easy to differentiate between right and wrong sides of these granny squares especially after weaving in over 144+ ends on the wrong side. Anyway, 'tis done, I am joining  horizontally, have one and half to go before the vertical rows are crocheted together as can be seen here:-

I am working from right to left, (I crochet and knit right handed but sew left handed) this shows the wrong side of the work, in the back ground shows the other half of the blanket to be joined.  then I plan a fair sized colourful border to frame it all. I doubt it will be completed in a week's time when young Edward and his parents stay here so here is a picture of him wearing the BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket). 

Back to hooking now, byeee.  


  1. Impressive work! Does it actually need a border? It would look good just the way it is, I think.

  2. I consider a border as a frame, also it will make the throw a bit larger without making more squares.
    My inspiration for this blanket is Lucy who blogs, educates and inspires as Attic24, although her granny squares were slightly smaller, five rounds instead of seven, also she used the same brand of yarn throughout whereas mine was planned to use odds and ends, these were a bit dull so I bought some bright colours to bring it to life.