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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Landmark journey

As mentioned, our grandson stayed at Pixie Towers last night, his first night away from home, pleased to say it went well, he had his own room, the so called master bedroom as it has original coving and is at the front of the house yet isn't the largest bedroom, such is 1930s design. Yesterday evening our Son went to the Old Hamptonians dinner, today Daughter in law met up with university friends for afternoon tea in central London. Ian and I went with her to assist with Edward's first train and underground journey as DS was busy umpiring hockey matches elsewhere. Edward now 12 weeks and two days old, slept most of the way on South West trains as below and again on the District Line. 

However, plenty of smiles on emerging into Sloane Square, so sorry didn't photograph them. 

On the District line started knitting a hat for Edward, cast on, knitted a couple of rows of the pattern, then made the error of knitting with the cast on tail so have to undo half the round. Didn't touch either knitting or crochet this evening, read the papers for I had picked up a Times, without the magazine, on the District line so with two papers and watching rugby from Twickenham and Manchester no progress was made with the four projects on which I am working. Since England are no longer competing in the World Cup my interest is waining so maybe more will be achieved another day. 


  1. I'm in awe of anyone who manages to take a baby onto a tube train. Well done for helping. At least he will grow up used to it. My daughter's first train ride was when she was three and she was scared every time the doors opened and closed!

  2. How lovely to have a baby staying in the house!