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Friday, 18 September 2015

Surprise crop.

Ian tidied up his Silver Gilt front garden this afternoon, the random potato plant was harvested, we were delighted with the quantity of what he suspects may be Maris Pipers. Size may be uneven, they are smooth and mostly unblemished. 

Lovely atmosphere in the road, passers by chatted, we updated neighbours about the award, were asked for directions to a car park at a local school, commuters spoke to us, apparently Waterloo station was heaving but unusually for Rugby matches our local High Street was very quiet. Indoors now, we can hear the whirr of helicopters, we will watch out for the light effects from the opening ceremony from an upstairs room, if the wind is right we may he the roar of the crowd.  

Meanwhile, another view of a slightly more manicured garden. 


  1. I've had some self-seeded potato plants too, and a couple more yet to be dug. Always seems such a bonus!

    It must be quite exciting, when there's a match going on.

  2. Your own spuds, how good is that! I don't think my Dad has been growing any this year. The allotment really suffered the extremely hot and dry summer. But he has a very good crop of tomatoes, and there are always fresh herbs.