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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Learning curve.

It is well over four years since I acquired an iPad yet I still struggle. Over a week ago I couldn't read or send emails from either of my accounts on my iPad, there was still the magic ping when someone sent me mail I was only able to pick up from my iPhone, everything else worked. Forty five minutes on the phone to Nadia, an Apple lady in Portugal resulted in an appointment at Apple in the Bentalls Centre as she couldn't solve the mystery.

All is well, within a few moments the problem was solved, my IPad was Full Up. A few weeks before I had used iTunes to link it with the ancient lap top, over five and a half photographs spilled over onto the iPad leaving no room for the contents of the emails.  Both internally and externally the machine had a thorough clean, now I have to add back Apps and websites. One of the first to return was Ravelry, I need to install BBC iPlayer to catch up on The Archers too.

It was in mid August that Ian and I set off for our Summer holidays, slightly different this year, we went away in school holidays, stayed in England and returned to a hotel we'd visited in July 2013.

Our first few days were spent with daughter, we linked up with a school friend of mine who lives in Poundbury on the edge of Dorchester, the weather was atrocious so no chance to photograph the town, so different from elsewhere, few traffic signs, no yellow lines, mixture of shops with houses. Each property has out of sight garages or car ports, front gardens didn't figure either.  Apparently the bus service is good, Dorchester has two railway stations too.  It was far too wet to walk around but we visited one shop Christabel's Linens, full of goodies, so much so couldn't resist buying towels for the shower room we are having built by extending downstairs cloakroom.

The poor weather followed us to Cornwall, we stayed at the Fieldhead Hotel in West Poole again for a couple of nights, on our last visit we hadn't travelled on the train line from Poole to Liskeard, I was under the misapprehension that this was a steam or heritage line, but it was the modern incarnation of British Rail, just two shabby carriages coming to the end of their lives as if they had been discarded by more important and prestigious lines. The shabbiness matched the town of Liskeard, it was difficult to find somewhere for lunch, we ended up in Stuart House, a community building for arts, where sandwiches were made freshly for us by volunteers in the café. We do ponder about some towns, we use the type of shops and their products as a measure, Liskeard seemed poor in this regard and we wondered about the occupations of the inhabitants. Certainly it was within commuting distance to Plymouth by car or train, the train was a bit of a trek from the town centre.

More about an enjoyable holiday in spite of poor weather, it is too late to write more.

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  1. I do not have an iPad, but was given an Acer tablet as a present last winter. It was easy to set it up and synchronize it with my email accounts etc., but recently it ran an automatic update and I have not been able yet to get it back connected to the web, still working on it (usually I am rather good at such things, which makes this one all the more puzzling why it shouldn't work).

    Your holiday sounds like an interesting mixture of things, but it's a shame you had such bad weather. My sister and I were so lucky - out of our 11 days in Yorkshire last month, we had only one truly rainy day. It was so sunny and warm we could even have some of our meals in the garden!