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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Holiday Continued.

As it is some time since we moved west from Looe, I am going to just mention highlights so then catchup on more recent events. Must add, when I give publicity to a business it is because I considered we had good service, or were fun, a bit different, may need to be better known. This is not to say that I disagree with more commercial blogs, I don't, this blog is just my rambling, inarticulate and I hope fairly uncontroversial thoughts and therefore an incomplete part of the life of a content baby boomer who still worries about getting things right. 

On our way to Falmouth we stopped to have a brief look around Truro, as usual in a cathedral city we lunched in the cathedral cafe and were not disappointed. What did disappoint us was the Christmas shop inside  the cathedral, now this was August 18th so we are still in the season of Trinity, in my weird brain I equate Trinity with Summer - is it all that green - and more weirdly with Summer dresses. 

We couldn't face going in, from what we saw the items on offer looked like commercial tat. 

I may have said before, our holidays are not beach and sand, we potter around, if possible meet with friends or family so even more enjoyable and this time it was doubly so. A colleague from Ian's working life in Dubai retired to Falmouth; a colleague from Ian's completely different London employment retired with wife and family to Falmouth and we had arranged to meet up with these guys whilst we were there. What was amazing was that these two guys had met and realised they both knew Ian!  Now Dubai friend is going to do work for London friend's daughter. 

In spite of the rainy and grey weather we were able to go out on a two hour boat ride from Falmouth up the Helford River, somewhere I had wanted to do since reading about this area in Howard Spring's Cornish novels.  Rather blowy, but such lovely clean air that enabled me to cope with steep inclines so after we needed refreshment, by chance we saw a sign for Cafe Cinammon situated off The High Street in Old Brewery Yard. Although it was almost closing time the owners, Debby and Ross still served us, we sat in the sheltered sunny courtyard and enjoyed the most yummy cakes and drinks, followed by chat and banter. I didn't take photographs so see their FB page for more details, we hope to return and urge others to try the food here.  There are some lovely glossy lifestyle magazines to peruse,  another reason to linger. 

We wandered along the High Street, another gem, independent shops, not a clone high street here and up the top some views across the water. 

Of course crochet and knitting grew, more details soon. 

Good night everyone. 


  1. What better way to use one's holiday than to meet up with friends and/or family! I do the very same when I travel to Yorkshire once a year.

  2. I went to Falmouth a few years ago with my sister and liked it very much. I've got a friend there too - just outside, in fact, Kergilliack road. My sister and a friend are staying in Looe this week, as it happens - they've had awful weather this summer, hope the autumn is better.