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Friday, 18 September 2015

So what do I write about, or should that be - about what do I write? Then I am concerned about punctuation for that sentence. Perhaps start with views from the footbridge at Teddington Lock for a week ago we were part of a group walking from Richmond station to Teddington Lock along the Surrey bank of the River Thames. It was one of those days perfect for walking, warm enough but not baking, not blowy either. We have stops, one of party gives a brief talk about landmarks, plenty of those in this historic borough, one topic of concern was the absence of the cows on Petersham Meadow that day. We shouldn't have been concerned, the cows were visible on Wednesday when I drove past. 

Looking upstream towards the weir 

Middlesex bank on the right, Surrey bank on left. 
Looking back to the island that is part of the Lock. 

As a child, the Lock was a destination walk on a Sunday afternoon, access was far less restricted then, river traffic was commercial too,  coal for the power station at Kingston was transported in this way. 

The big excitement here is the Rugby World Cup and its impact on our lives, we live within walking distance of the stadium, today will be the only weekday affected, our road had fewer commuter cars this morning, some schools didn't open, those that did closed at midday. Ian returned from Kingston by bus as he hadn't wished to drive in, however the traffic was light so it appears warnings of road closures have been heeded. Our High Street has had a facelift, it is quite jolly with banners and flags, the station rebuilt although much needed lifts won't be installed until next year. 

Thought I could download a FB picture, it didn't work, I have six weeks to take my own. 

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