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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Late night blog

Just a very quick knitting blog to show the BSJ - Baby Surprise Jacket - made for Edward. The pattern was devised by Elizabeth Zimmerman in the late sixties, it is amazing, all knitted in one piece so only seams are across the shoulder and sleeves. One can add the stripes wherever, mine was guess work, I am quite chuffed how it has turned out. 

This photos taken before the final pressing.  

Edward is coming to our home for the first time tomorrow so lots of hugs, today his birth was registered, after which the parents took him next door to the public library so he could have his own ticket. His father considered carefully whether he should be giving his son permission to have access to the library computers. Yes, that was one of the questions on the form. 

One thing of which I am certain, Edward will have every opportunity to become a bibliophile, like his parents and grandparents. 


  1. What a good way of celebrating Edward's birth registered!
    The little jacket looks great, no-one would guess that the stripes were guesswork :-)

  2. As a librarian for many decades, I thoroughly approve of his parents registering hi for his first library card. Young babies love to look at picture books and even to hear their parents reading the stories. As for the internet, it won't be many years before he asks for access!

  3. That is lovely, what a wonderfully individual jacket.