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Sunday, 26 July 2015

This and that

Am starting with today's picture of Grandson, now 10 days old, finally discharged from hospital after his check up today. He has spent most of the first days of his life in hospital, had jaundice, weight loss, an infection that wouldn't go so was attached to a cannula for regular doses of antibiotics. 

Pleased to see him wearing the Peripuerium cardigan I made him, it is supposed to fit up to a 9 lb child, suspect he will be able to wear it for some time. 

Have been working on crochet squares, now I have enough to join them to make a throw/ blanket.  Ian kindly sorted them into colour piles on the big tray I use to transport knitting and crochet around the house.  Must add I have a smaller Moomin tray that I use for carrying notions and small items from my study/workroom/den/spare bedroom/bolt hole to the sitting room. Most useful, it's about the size of a standard iPad or an old fashioned slate. 

 I used double crochet to join 24 squares into a strip, 12 x 2 squares thus:-  

Then when I have joined up say 144 squares will arrange the strips to try and ensure each square is surrounded by a different colour. Not easy as I have a disproportionate amount of brown and beige but as this was designed to use up double knitting yarn and not to be a precious heirloom like the Beekeeper's  Quilt it doesn't matter. I ended up buying bright colours of Stylecraft yarn to compensate for the dreariness. 

In between joining squares I have been working on a pair of socks for Ian, yesterday bought a second pair of circular needles so could avoid second sock syndrome by casting on, knitting to heel of second sock so will be turning heels of both simultaneously. 

Have done a lot more than this, just for the record as this has become a craft blog. 


  1. Glad to know your little grandson was allowed to go home. I am sure from now on he will be thriving!
    Beige and brown is not dreary - it's nice and warm :-) But I know what you mean and understand very well that you wanted to make sure there are brighter colours in between.

  2. He looks fit and well now, I do hope he stays that way.

    I didn't understand how you turn heels of two socks simultaneously, but I'm very impressed.

    1. Apologies about the sock heels, I have started the second sock on separate needles and separate ball of wool, so can knit each stage simultaneously. I struggle with heels so if I can do one then the other straight away i should have a matching pair.

      Some clever knitters can knit two pairs on one set of magic loop needles, I am not one of them.