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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Nearly there

Where? Kitchen completion, just two doors to be supplied tomorrow, one replacement and one missing from the delivery. 

At least we don't have to worry about missing items, that was the beauty of using Magnet's subcontractors to install the cupboards, they take the stress and worry. First time we haven't directly employed workman so there wasn't the empathy, the familiarity of shared experience or the link of recommendations that we use usually. No complaints about the standard of work though, five days were allowed for this project, it was completed in less than three, not allowing for the doors as above. One unforeseen small detail was that the new worktops are a small fraction lower than the previous ones, after carefully ensuring that no tiles were broken we will have to replace them all, there is a gap between tiles and worktop.  

Doesn't look much gap in this picture but even one millimetre is a gap.  Also shows the real wood worktops in spite of the shadows from me and my phone camera for the shading is less extreme but will they be suitable for kneading bread? Maybe not as I use olive oil rather than flour when kneading so will stick to the glass board. (Pun intended)

It is about time for a knitting update, today I went to a knitting group in the nearby High Street's branch of Costas, after about a couple of hours had made progress of a pair of sock for Ian. The yarn is Regia Design Line Jazz Color by Erika Knight, purchased from The Knitting  Parlour in Malvern back in May. 

Isn't it fun when stripes of grey and greens become bands of colour?


  1. Looks very good, and what a nice surprise to hear of such a project actually being completed earlier than expected - usually it's the other way round...
    It will be fun putting everything back in and then look at your "brand new" kitchen, all ready for delicious meals to be cooked in!

  2. Maybe the fitters should have noticed that the new worktop was a different depth to the old one. I would be tempted to cover the gap with a decorative strip of wood. But your method of replacing the tiles will obviously give a better result.