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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Being flexible

Last Monday met up with one of my friends, J. Have known her for over 34 years, we were both part of a group of five Mums who took it in turn to go to each other's homes with our babies. No sitting in coffee shops then, just a race around to ensure the house was clean and tidy, with the added worry that one's children would not share and play nicely. We all had boys first, all parents and thirteen offspring in this group have stayed in touch, J's son was best man to DS. There are further links with J., she lived six houses from my parents, knew all about me via my father before we met, we belong to the local history society too. 

I had invited her to my home for tea/coffee, she had an appointment in the local high street first, but she suggested we went out for coffee and then for a walk. When I considered this it seemed almost alien to me, I am used to going to friends' houses for coffee and chat, if Ian and I go out, say to Kew Gardens, we would have tea and cake, but it isn't something I have ever done with girl friends, yet it seemed quite routine to J.  Notwithstanding my doubts it turned into a lovely afternoon, we went to the Pheasantry Cafe in Bushey Park, gluten free carrot and nut cake cake and Earl Grey tea provided plenty of energy for walking around the Woodland Garden. 

Didn't manage to photograph the rabbits, but did attempt to capture this heron on my phone

It was good to walk, talk, laugh in the fresh air, much better than sitting in our stuffy house, all part of my attempt to try something new. 

Nowadays I just use my phone for photos as it has more pixels than my camera, by magic the pictures appear on my iPad, also photos of Edward sent by Whátsapp end up there too. I am not so pleased with my attempts to take photos with my iPad, however that comes into its own for FaceTime instead. 

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  1. While I very much like being host to (nearly) any number of friends, be it for coffee in the afternoons or cocktails at night, I very much like meeting somewhere, too. It's nice to either go back to a café or other place where one remembers friendly staff and good food and drink, but it is just as nice to discover new places. There'll be plenty of that next week when I'll be on holiday in Yorkshire!