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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Editing my phone.

Today much of the afternoon has been spent editing the contacts list in my phone. It all started when Ian asked me if I had the contact details of a friend of his, checked phone, didn't, found the information elsewhere, but looked more closely at the phone list, it isn't just a list of phone numbers, but email contacts, often with no phone number either. Much of the information had carried over from my iPad, information on there had carried over from my laptop. 

So, much editing of the database that is my phone was needed, I gathered my address book, Filofax, diary, pencil, paper, sat at the table in the garden, deleted, amended, changed names into lower case, added addresses, puzzled over names and emails of persons unknown to me. Where there is a field  for company I have started adding the context in which I know the person, so a Mary Smith will have Great British Yarn Crawl2014 as her business. 

It still took longer to type the details onto the small phone than to write them down, changed addresses are gone for ever on the phone, my address book and paper diaries are records of friends and families lives and house moves, but a phone scores high for portability. Haven't quite finished the task, there are entries requiring addresses but it is a start. 

All this activity in the garden meant I spent enough time topping up my Vitamin D levels, much better than crunching ghastly calcium tablets daily. 


  1. Every now and then, it is good to go through one's address books, contact lists etc. I like keeping them neat and up to date. My devices (tablet, phone, computer) are not interconnected, so I keep phone numbers on my phone, email addresses on my computer and home addresses in an address book. It is interesting to go through it and think of all the people I've known, and some I'd like to get in touch with again...

  2. Probably too late now, but wouldn't it be quicker to update them on your computer and sync with the phone? Mine are all in Yahoo, which automatically syncs across.

  3. Daisy, thank you for that suggestion, hadn't thought of that. I haven't switched on my 8 years old lap top for months, just use my iPhone and iPad.

    The phone is quite new, all the data was carried over from the old one.