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Monday, 26 August 2013


I had intended to bring you a post about our trip to the Royal Academy on Friday when we saw exhibitions about Sir Richard Rogers and Sir Hugh Casson. Also, I was going to mention that I felt like a tourist, especially when I saw a bus destination given as Clapton Pond. I'd never heard of it, made me realise just how little I know of my own city and how we tend to stay in the familiar, mainly western sector.

I digress, for I thought I would sync my iPad and laptop, then I thought of the thousand  or so pictures and decided to have a cull. After all the deletions according to my iPad I have 2,461 photographs still on there and on my laptop, dating back to May 2007 when Ian bought the lap top for me. Many of the knitting and yarn photos are on Ravelry, why am I keeping them in two places? After such a clear out I'll give you a couple of pictures of my favourite library, not one in which I have worked, but one I could have joined if I'd been the sort of person who needed a London bolthole.

 The Reading Room of the London Library above, and below, the stacks where one could sit all day and be in literary heaven.

Ian has been doing the same but with paper, filing or shredding. This sort out stems from the end of about eighteen months solid study, there was an overlap last October between one course ending and another beginning so all these domestic paperwork piled up. Running a household today is like running one's own business, on the 1st day of the month we read our electric and gas meters, the numbers are entered onto Ian's iPad, instant calculations compare our usage with last year's. If we don't do this on 1st of the month we lose our Nectar points, a small consideration when planning our diaries, next item on the agenda is car insurance, although we shop around we usually end up with what was Frizzells and is now LV, but each year with much negotiation so we aren't penalised for loyalty. It is not loyalty, it convenience. I insured my first car with them when I was 21, I paid £150 for a 7 year old Morris 1000; the fully comprehensive insurance was £42.10s.

I digress. Need to sync the iPad and to sleep.


  1. I shop around too and have stayed with LV for the last three years. I've been surprised that I've not found a lower quote and not been penalised for renewal.

  2. What a beautiful library-so special, I could certainly while away some happy hours there.

    Sft x

  3. What awaits me right now in terms of paperwork is doing my tax stuff... the limit is somewhere around the 20th of September, I think, so I better get started this week!