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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Boat trip and other ponderings.

Just a quick mention of our last day in Cornwall, we went to Fowey as one of the other guests had recommended a boat trip from there.

With more preparation I think we would have known to take a ferry rather than the long drive up one side of the river valley and down the other, but so what, we were on holiday but it was a relief to discover a large car park with a bus service into the Fowey. even better, we Ancients didn't have to pay for the bus ride.

Like many places the eating establishments and shops provide much revenue for the town, certainly these were a little more upmarket than most in Looe; not all Looe's shops were tat, I found a pink Radley bag to wear across  me, (not quite sure how else to describe this) but it means handsfree, plus no need to find somewhere to put the bag down and risk it being taken.

I digress again. Eating, another fish meal for me and an enormous Pizza for Ian at The Bistro, French cuisine with a British twist from Glynn & Karen Wellington.  Apart from a wobbly table because of the very old uneven floor,  all was good and they were happy for me to have a starter as a main meal, certainly very generous portions.

This  Monday was our wettest day, but the rain stopped as we started our river cruise, Ian and I were the only takers so we could ask questions of our boatman without upsetting any other punters. There were many boats moored that one wonders how often they are used, but the colourful sails enhanced the scenery.

Daphne du Maurier's home above.

Added in the train photos, these wagons are carrying the china clay, think it was going to the Potteries. Good that rail still takes goods traffic, perhaps that should be encouraged, I was surprised to see a goods train on our local suburban line this week.

Of course, after all the fresh air one needs tea and cake and these were supplied at The Well House, a building dating back to the fifteenth century. The other attraction, apart from good teas is their dog, Frank, a very well behaved black labrador.

Now Ian has returned home today the next blog will be about our week apart.


  1. Almost all my bags are fit for carrying across me, as you put it. I hate NOT having my hands free, and would never set my bag down in a public place for risk of having it stolen.

    Great pictures, and very interesting to see Daphne Du Maurier's house!

  2. I have a few bags like that, they are really useful, aren't they?

    We enjoyed Fowey when we visited in March, wasn't that warm though.

    We had a lovely lunch at the Life buoy cafe.

    Lovely photos you've shared.

    Sft x