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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

After the gardens

After the visit to Lost Gardens of Heligan last Sunday week, Ian and I were not too sure how to spend the evening, so after examining the map book we chose to visit Mevagissey for an evening meal, it was sort of on our way back to the hotel.

Quite a touristy place, none the worst for that, with the usual shops selling 'stuff' with vague links to the sea, one can tell the stock by the design and layout of the store without going in. Lots of pale blue distressed wood, blue glass jars, floaty scarves and striped tops.

Around the harbour were plenty of Kodak Corner opportunities, it must be clear from this blog we hadn't done our homework about locations around Looe, it didn't help that after borrowing a guidebook from the library it was then left at home. This is why we need to go away more, obviously learning not to forget stuff is not the only reason for a holiday. Someone, not sure who, suggested we compile a packing list. Sounds like practising beforehand, spoils the game. If we had done that years ago we would never have become so familiar with the Solihull branch of John Lewis.

I digress, we were looking for somewhere to eat, Ian looking around a less picture postcard view of the harbour,

before we spotted the Central Café, Fish and Chips, Eat in or Takeaway. Well we ate in, sorry no picture of this very traditional establishment, many photographs of the Royal Family covering almost all of the twentieth century adorned the walls, tea had to be the drink of choice, but I was impressed that one could have poached fish instead of in batter. Having chosen that, the standard piece of fish appeared rather small without a battering but the huge quantity of chips made up the calories.

Final chapter of what we did on our holiday will be relayed another day, for I have been invited to have a cup of tea and a biscuit in a garden as it is sunny and warm today, so will change into a dress and sally forth. I am more a skirts and dresses person than trousers anyway so no hardship.


  1. Ha ha, I know exactly what you mean with "the usual shops selling 'stuff' vaguely related to the Sea"!

    I agree, a packing list sounds like a fun spoiler. I'd resort to that only if I were to travel somewhere where special equipment was needed, to make sure I don't forget any vital part of it. Other than that, packing is the easiest thing in the world - everybody knows what they need for a week in terms of clothing, toiletries etc., plus there are always shops to fall back on if one discovers to have actually forgotten some indispensable item.

  2. I pack at the last so that I don't have to leave anything out that I'm going to want later, and I'm not good at checking out all the info in advance because I like that spirit of adventure (though if someone else wants to do the research and save me from it, good plan). I loved the Lost Gardens and bought a beautiful trug at a very reasonable price.