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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


This Week: 3rd September 2013

The weather ... still sunshine, keep meaning to sit out in the garden more, am sure I will regret not soaking up the sun.

I am wearing ... East linen summer dress, sleeveless, much turquoise and marina blue design.
I am reading ...  for reading group the book is Notes from a Small Island, enjoying reading this again, hadn't realised how political it is in places and becoming a little dated, or rather historical. When this is completed will pick up Barbara Pym's Quartet in Autumn, also have a copy of Pride and Prejudice as have read only Northanger Abbey. That was a set text for O level, we analysed it out of existence, I remember a phrase about a curtain that seemed to move and fuss about a laundry list, so many years later I aim to catch up on Jane Austen.

I am creating ...   Hexipuffs, have made 247; also am sewing up cardigan called Gabrielle from Let's Knit magazine in 2010. I haven't used the recommended yarn, but instead that given as a Christmas present with a fiendishly difficult pattern so tinked it and found Gabrielle instead. Now just need to make the border. Chance to practice my picking up stitches skills.

I am listening ... to Ian talking to daughter who has just phoned home, sounds a cheerful call.

I am watching ... British Bake-off; Who do you think you are and last evening especially enjoyed the first programme of three - Robert Peston goes Shopping, enjoyable as I have lived through the changes in shopping although didn't shop in Chelsea Girl.
Also, can anyone tell me why on news and current affairs programmes when there is a male and female presenter, the man sits on the left and the woman sits on the right. I know it is round the other way in the studio but from the viewpoint of the viewer.

I am enjoying ... Pilates class, I moved myself from the beginners' class which have been attending for nearly 6 months to an intermediate class which is held at a more convenient time of 9.30am rather than midday, also the same teacher takes a class on Thursday evening, as her method of instruction makes sense to me I intend to attend that too.

From the learning rooms ... Ian's course doesn't start till next month.

On the menu .. Need to be a bit more organised about this, but we have cleared much of the freezer, chucked some rather dubious foodstuffs and now have little in there except soya beans and chicken pieces from last Saturday's Farmers Market. We are becoming old fashioned, shopping every few days buying fresh foods as we need them. It helps we have a greengrocer and an artisan baker recently set up shop in our HIgh Street. We generally make our own bread, but it is fun to try different breads and cake. The greengrocer has our support, we do find that one cannot buy large quantities, the fruit and veggies need to be eaten within a couple of days. Not quite Waitrose quality, but reasonable and nearby.

On the calendar ...nothing planned; keep meaning to go to Kew Gardens, to take a boat trip on the Thames. Met up with former housemate on the South Bank last Friday, I was amazed how the whole area has changed, I felt like a tourist in my own city again, so much that it had more impact than the Press Photographers exhibition we had come to see. More visits to this part of London needed methinks.

Thanks to The Bookworm for I have used her template for my blog. 


  1. I was just wondering about ordering a Barbara Pym set from the Book People. I have never read any of her books but have heard good things about them.

  2. How good your house must be smelling all the time with the scent of freshly baked bread, wonderful!
    Since I don't drive and obviously do all my shopping on foot, and do not need that much for my (most of the time) single household, I rather go shopping for groceries more often and for smaller quantities.

  3. Your dress sounds beautiful, blue is my favourite colour.

    Love your book reading choices.

    Sft x

  4. Hello Madeleine . From what you say I take it that you've not read 'Emma' ? It is my very favourite Jane Austen book, so you've a treat in store. I envy you. Regards to you and Ian - Mike.