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Thursday, 19 September 2013

What we did on our hols.

Yes, it seems a long while already since we went to Florence, two weeks ago we arrived there, returned five days later. Whole trip was brilliant, everything was right.

Travel: we went from Gatwick South to Pisa, flying with Easyjet, from Pisa fast train to Florence about 50 miles, took about an hour through the countryside.
Some five minutes case pulling walk from station in Santa Maria Novella Piazza was our hotel, Rosso23 was amazing, we couldn't believe the size of our first floor room

The length of the room was 21 paces from window to the far wall; had air conditioning, clean towels and bedding every day, fresh soap daily even if not needed, excellent shower, easy to understand lever fittings and plenty of hot water.

My only criticism, and it is a very minor one, the flat screen TV was mounted on the wall above the fireplace so it could be watched only from the bed rather than from the armchairs or the sofa. Not that it mattered, some days we didn't put it on, we didn't take our iPads or switch our phones on. We survived!

and then the views from the balcony overlooking the square

 Had to have this photo, there was scaffolding - Ian said it was new scaffolding too - where another hotel in the same chain (Whythebesthotels) was being refurbished although we were never aware of any building noise.

 There was impromptu entertainment in the square, a singer with a mic and a guitar singing rather 60s/70s songs, none the worse for that.

The church occupied a much larger area than was apparent from the balcony, to the right there was an enclosed garden, well some grass with bushes around, and then cloisters went as far as the red tiled two storey building in the distance.

Rather than attempt to describe the hotel here's the link ....

Breakfasts offered a good choice, same menu each day, we'd been advised to have a good breakfast so found we needed little at lunchtime except say an Americano with a pastry or a small filled roll. Breakfast, for me, was fruit with plain yogurt, although there was yogurt flavoured with Nutella or coffee; then different hams, Brie and another continental cheese, rocket, cucumber and tomatoes. Then there were pastries, one called have cereals.  To drink, fruit juices and coffee with great variety of tea bags on the table, hot water available but we never had any tea whilst in Italy at all, Americanos gave us our caffeine fix.

Will write more about our adventures later ...with a few more pictures as didn't take that many.


  1. Ah! Florence is my favourite Italian city - but I have not managed to go there since 1987. Your hotel looks very stylish and really good, and the pictures of the piazza and the church make me want to go there some time again.

  2. Oh Florence - wonderful! You obviously had a great holiday, with much better weather than on my only visit there - a day trip punctuated by a tremendous thunderstorm.