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Friday, 5 April 2013

One thing leads to another . . .

This morning I decided that it was time I attacked the mending pile, well it is not very big, just a couple of items that have become unstitched at the seams. Also, there's an old shirt of Ian's so I will take the buttons off from that to rebuild up my button collection. At one time I had a large tin of buttons then there was a Freecycle appeal for buttons wanted to be used in a craft project so I gave them away. At that time I had abandoned knitting, also didn't sew much either anymore so no need to have a collection of buttons.

Back to the mending, searching in my sewing basket for navy blue thread was nearly impossible as the ends of thread from reels had joined together so the only thing was to tidy up the basket. Some of the reels must be over 40 years old, dating back to my dressmaking days, I can remember the garments I made and wore with pride. Other memories emerged from the chaos, Cash's name tapes, a blue gingham needle case I made at junior school, a felt pincushion made by son, 8 pairs of scissors, a darning mushroom. There's an index card on which my mother had written instructions for crocheting an American square. I have other examples of her handwriting, but this recalls when we went to Evening Classes together to learn to crochet. She was brilliant at handcrafts, embroidered, made beautiful lampshades,  I prize the mirror edged with hammered pewter in her design of oak leaves. Needless to say she knitted, I remember her knitting an outfit for a doll for my sister and admitting she had to stay up very late on Christmas Eve to finish it. One of the last items she embroidered before Parkinsons robbed her of her skills was an Irish linen tablecloth for our first wedding anniversary present. It is in use on a table in our lounge, still in use of course.

So back to the sewing box, there was no navy blue thread so this has been purchased and I need to sew a fine seam.

Here's the chaos whilst I was searching for the right colour, on the left is the tangle which will be used to stuff

a hexipuff,below one can see the white card with the crochet instructions.

Another view of the box shows the gingham needle holder with red embroidery stitches. Anyone else around who went to Latchmere Road School in Kingston?


  1. I love going through my sewing box as well. Lots of memories.

  2. Yes, i agree. I loved playing with my Mum's Silver Jubilee Button Tin. Arranging the buttons according to colour or size. Recently I looked in her tin again and the same buttons remained, all those memories come flooding back.

    I remember we always used the wooden cotton reels for French Knitting at our local holiday play scheme, lots of the local boys enjoyed it surprisingly. My Mum led the group and had them all under control.

    Now I find I want to keep those beautiful reels that I have been given/inherited. They just don't make them like they used to.

    Thank you for sharing your precious memories of your Mum, so talented.

    Sft x

  3. Glad to know i'm not the only one with a messy sewing-box. In my case I have a green felt needle case made by our daughter in primary-school. :-) Like you I had a mother who was very skilled at crafts, dress-making and embroidery being the main ones. It's lovely to look back and remember the beautiful things she created, some of which I still have. Thank you for this lovely post.

  4. Snap. I have a sewing box too, and a button box. Though, come to think of it, I cannot imagine why.
    Years ago I gave up all attempts to sew, except in dire straits like a missing button in a vital place, or a split seam.
    My once lovely collection of buttons was given to a charity which appealed for such things and I started a new one, but sadly the new buttons are nowhere near as attractive as the old.
    Lovely memories indeed PixieMum.