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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall

In my previous blog I mentioned the mirror that my Mother made, well not the glass, the design in hammered pewter was hers.

Charged up the camera battery and took a couple of photos.

Bit difficult to take picture as the mirror is convex but this should give an idea, below I have attempted to capture more of the detail.

Another talent was her ability to carry a colour in her head, is this unusual? 


  1. To carry a colour in her head, what do you mean by that?

    The mirror frame is beautiful, your mother certainly was very talented!

  2. I'd echo that comment - what do you mean, carry a colour in her head?

  3. Means that a person can remember a colour or shade, no need to carry samples, be it paint, yarn, fabric. Very useful, knew that say a jacket would match the colour in a dress for example, or a paint colour matched up with something else in a room. The skill came in handy when she was buying fabrics for lampshades it would match with our decor.

    I compared it with carrying a tune in one's head or a map when one is in unfamiliar territory.

    Hope this is clear, thought this was a usual expression.

    1. Oh yes, perfectly clear now, thank you! It probably is a usual expression, but English is not my mother tongue and sometimes I simply have never come across a certain term or saying before.
      I can carry colours in my head, too.

  4. Oh yes, I knew just what you meant. My mother could do it and I can to an extent, so can my youngest son Ronan. Years ago, I came home with a new red handbag and he remarked that it was the exact shade of my boots - which he hadn't seen for months. I knew it was, that was why I'd bought it.

    I love the mirror, how clever your mother was.

  5. My husband can carry colours in his head - makes it so much easier to decide on things like paint or curtain colours for the house!