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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook: 16th January 2013

Outside my window ... Now dark, clear and bitterly cold so haven't been outside the house all day. No danger of cabin fever, plenty to do, plus knitting and all those books to read.

From the learning rooms ...  Big learning for me was being able to take the photos below with my iPad and work out how to use them on my lap top. Why didn't I consider using the copy and paste facility before? Wouldn't have learnt a new skill if my camera hadn't hidden under my printer paper feed.

 From the kitchen ...

View photo.JPG in slide show

View photo.JPG in slide show

Yes, we're making marmalade again, not sure whether there has been a slight over estimate of our needs as twenty pounds of oranges and six pounds of lemons were purchased. We decided that this amount was slightly too much so have given some fruit to friend. The first picture shows this evening's effort, the second the previous two batches.  Think another cut and cook session tomorrow or Friday. 

I am wearing ...  blue trousers, Navy blue cable jumper, cream warm shirt.
I am creating ... lace shawl and hexipuffs. Day 28 here of knitting blog.
I am going ... by train to see darling daughter on Saturday   ....hums I do like to be beside the seaside ... cos I can as I'm home alone. Bit concerned about the weather forecast, become very breathless in the cold weather, yesterday in Richmond when it wasn't so cold my face hurt with the cold so don't want to risk if it is even colder.
I am reading .. well, will be reading,The vanishing act of Esme Lennox, by Maggie O'Farrell. Received this on Monday when the reading group met for lunch in the local pub. The ten of us managed to discuss the previous book too, Before I go to sleep, which I enjoyed from the second half onwards, although I appreciate one had a slightly repetitive first part ot set the scene. After I had finished the book was surprised to learn the author was male as he wrote very well from a female perspective.

Around the house ...  still finding odds and ends from Christmas, a bag of wrapping paper, ribbon and unused cards to be stored away. After a while I find I don't 'see' items, they become part of the landscape.

One of my favourite things ...  Evensong, preferably in traditional language, the words in Common Worship don't flow in the same way, even reading it we stumbled. Maybe the BCP version is familiar but I find the rhythm of the words make me consider the meaning. Another interesting thought, why was the Gospel reading the same, ie the Wedding at Cana, on two consecutive Sundays at different churches. I thought readings were handed down just as Moses handed down the Commandments so like the National Curriculum one would have the same reading on the same Sunday in all Churches. 

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...   try to visit the Building our Borough exhibition again at Orleans House Gallery, it closes 3rd February so not much time. Although the plans are available on line it is lovely to see them framed and full size, along with other artefacts

Note, although wrote this on Wednesday evening, didn't post it as preview came out with acres of white screen so tidied it up, I hope. Realise still haven't listed my 'haven't done this yet' list. Will add in day of knitting, must be near 31 now.


  1. I'm afraid I can't see any pictures on your post, but I would like to!

    Since I don't know much about church in general, and even less so about church in England in particular, I can only guess at how the choice of material for Gospel reading is made. Wouldn't the priest/vicar (whoever is in charge of the service) choose the reading to fit with the theme of their sermon?

  2. Sorry about picture, it happened to me and I reloaded and they appeared by magic. There isn't always a sermon, the person who took the service read a passage about prayer which wasn't linked to the readings. None the worse for that.

  3. Still no pictures visible for me, even after refreshing the page :-(