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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Domestic report

Day 29 of knitting so just two more to go. So a start with the pictures of the lace shawl that I mentioned before.

I think the colour is more accurate for the top picture, also this knitting will need to be blocked and spread out to see a pattern design, assuming I have not misread the instructions all the way!

Now marmalade. I'm aware in my previous blog the photos didn't appear always, however those jars of marmalade have been put away so I have taken pictures of the latest batch, made Monday and today. We have used up all our jars now, have a few to match lids to jars, then it is the fun of designing labels.

Just a couple more pictures of the hyacinths we were given for Christmas from different sources, both pots are highly scented and have brought thoughts of Spring in this chilly weather.

In the top pictures the snow, now melted, is visible. Am looking forward to venturing forth tomorrow, haven't been out of the house since Tuesday of last week. Am enjoying reading group book, The vanishing act of Esme Lennox, so with reading that, making marmalade, conquering the lace knitting and making more hexipuffs all is well at Pixie Towers.


  1. You've certainly been keeping busy while the snow's been there, PixieMum. I love the colours of the shawl and look forward to seeing the finished item.

  2. The hyacinths are lovely! And I bet making marmalade gave your house a wonderful scent, too :-)

  3. I must finish my shawl!!! Love the colours of yours.

  4. What a beautiful Shawl. Love the colours ! There's a lot of work gone into it too.
    Have also been making marmalade whilst the Seville oranges were available Hope I've made enough for the year !
    We haven't had much snow yet Just a sprinkling Sunny but cold today ! Spring is on its way !