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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30 and yo

Well forget about the pictures of my knitting in the last blog, the work was all wrong.

Because I thought I knew how to do 'yo' the whole of my first attempt at knitting lace has been scrapped. Instead of simply bringing the yarn to the front and then knitting the next stitch, I had been taking the yarn over the needle instead and this process did not create a hole. I was so angry with myself for not realising earlier, thank goodness for U-tube to show the error of my ways. No way will I give up, learning new skills is for life!

I had assumed the knitting needed to be dampened and blocked to create the design I'd seen in many examples of this pattern, however once it had grown I realised this wasn't so, it took a while for me to realise where I had gone wrong. The variegated yarn didn't help, so I chose another yarn from my stash, a gift from Tee, a Canadian knitter.


Ian helped me to wind the Tanis Fiber Art  hand dyed yarn - merino (70%), cashmere (20%) and nylon (10%) -  into a ball and I've now made a successful start. According to the label the colour is Atlantic.

Will report on progress, well there is just one day of knitting blog left.

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