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Monday, 7 January 2013

This Week: 7th January 2013

The weather ... Mild, but grey cloud. 

I am wearing ... Maroon cords, cream Thomas Pink shirt, cream hand knitted cardigan. (The one I finished after a 20 year gap)

I am reading ... Before I go to sleep, by S. J. Watson. Have a week to finish it, as I awoke early this morning read some more before Ian woke up. 

I am creating ... a shawl, first time I have attempted lace knitting. Was doing ok, but have one extra stitch on the last row so some undoing will be necessary. Hexipuffs have not been neglected, much knitting was done on the District Line last week when we went to the V and A museum to see the Ballgowns exhibition.

I am listening ... to the clock ticking, otherwise it is very quiet here, Ian studying in the next room.

I am watching ... the new series of train journeys presented by Michael Portillo, have set  up to record the series as I miss programmes otherwise, Still upset that I didn't record the programme about Canterbury cathedral, watched part of i-player but time ran out before I could finish it. Why is i-player just one week? Also missed the programmes about Queen Victoria, really I should look at the programme schedules more.

I enjoyed  ...  yesterday evening. We had the radio on, Classic FM after Sunday Half Hour, again hadn't even checked what was on TV, I was catching up on the weekend papers, Ian was reading and enjoying Wolf Hall, his Christmas gift from daughter. It was such a calm, companionable and relaxing interlude, just unwinding in the warmth of the lounge/drawing room/sitting room/back room. It came to me that this was heaven at that moment. No alcohol had been consumed, little was said except to read nuggets of interest from one publication to the other. A little of that peace that the world cannot give.
Amongst the dross of holiday and sport features was an article about the London Underground and its 150 year celebrations. Now this will sound nerdy, but on the whole I enjoy train travel, more relaxing than driving or being driven, one can knit, read, look at scenery and townscape whilst travelling reasonably smoothly. Except for between Barnes and Putney I think that South West trains tracks are smoother than the Southern route we take to Sussex. Things I don't like about trains are passengers who put their feet on the seats, shout or speak loudly or eat smelly food, short trains and fewer trains on Sundays.

Learning notes ...  well I suppose it is the lace knitting and Ian's OU.
This crib sheet gives me the opportunity to add our menu plans for the week but as I haven't made any for more than today I shall spare my readers.
Also, I intended to convey my thoughts about things I haven't done, copied shamelessly from Z's blog but it will wait another time.
Need to get on with thinking about lunch, drying laundry and reading today's papers. Some mornings I read the paper on my iPad whilst using my nebuliser, I feel I'm making good use of my time as there is a limit what can be done with one hand. 


  1. I love Michael Portillo's train journey's too:) Happy New Year Daffy x

  2. Oh, I don't think you are missing out much on telly; most programmes will be repeated at some stage anyway, and I am sure you found a very good and enjoyable use for your time without them :-)

  3. I take ideas for posts on with complete lack of shame too.

    When I'm awake in the early hours, I go to the bathroom where there's a wifi connection (our house sprawls and has thick walls so wifi doesn't reach our bedroom) and download the Times. If I get as far as the crossword, I get up - but it usually sends me to sleep first!