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Thursday, 21 June 2012


Yesterday was another day out of the routine, I mentioned the coincidence of dealing with material exactly 100 years old, but other events were interesting to us too.

A phone call awoke us at 8.45a.m, after which Ian jumped into the shower, I started working through my inhalers, was disturbed by the front door bell at 9a.m. Help, it was David who had come to replace the central heating/hot water programmer, he was a little early as we had been told late morning or even early afternoon. Once the very quick change from our complicated antique programmer to an easy peasy one was completed, David sat and drank tea with us, me in dressing gown & PJs. It wasn't until I offered him toast and marmalade that he finally went, so we had a late breakfast. I suspect he didn't have too much other work, but to arrive so early threw me and it took a while for me to feel settled so I flopped around in PJs for much of the morning. Could manage just two or three clues in the crossword too. Eventually it was decided to lunch in Richmond before I went to the library.

There had been a Facebook mention that Gloriana was moored near Richmond Bridge, we were fortunate that there was no difficulty getting close so able to take these pictures. Only downside was the windows caused reflections so some pictures not so good, I suspect it may have been safety or bullet proof glass.

Main impression was how small Gloriana was, how fortunate that one can go so close to take pictures. Afterwards we had a quick peep into The Water Gallery, Jan Steele's gallery housed in one of the boat houses. I was reminded how infrequently we visit the tow path, again somewhere on our door step yet we forget to go there. The cold and wet weather doesn't encourage one to go far, also I don't like going alone and Ian is busy with his maths.

Well that's my reason any way.

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  1. I must admit I don't know the story behind the Gloriana, but she looks beautiful, and from the coat of arms and letters on it I gather it belongs (or did belong?) to Queen Elizabeth.