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Friday, 1 June 2012

Venturing east.

This past week has been different from our usual round, last Friday lunchtime we attached the new toy to the windscreen of the Silver Streaker before setting forth for East Anglia. We planned our route but it was fascinating to hear what the lady inside Garmine had to say. If we dared to travel in a different direction from the one she had barked at us, we then were bombarded with 'recalculating' as she succumbed to our wishes. All in all though, we decided that a Sat Nav was A Good Thing When Going to Strange Places. Ian looked at the on screen map, when I drove I was watching the speed, what time we would arrive and how far before the next instruction.

As the M25 was closed from Junction 27 where we would have joined the M11, we were glad of old fashioned map books and Garmine's assistance to guide us across country roads to Newmarket where we stopped for afternoon tea. Motoring is much more pleasurable away from motorways, less fraught, prettier landscapes and away from the South East of England the roads are less crowded. We stayed at The George, a Best Western hotel in Norwich, designated a 3* by the AA but in our opinion not of 3* standard. However, the difficulties we encountered were rectified by the pleasant staff; we had no complaints about the food and service either. The buildings, with their fixtures and fittings caused us to query the classification.

However, this did not spoil our enjoyment of the weekend, the reason for which was to attend a lunch party at the beautiful home of the blogger known as Z. .

It was absolutely delightful, great food, especially the puddings and Z made a scrumptious risotto, prompted I suspect, by my comment to her how much I love risotto but don't have much luck when I make it. Typical of the kindness and thoughtfulness of Z. There was more kindness from another Blogger who has kindly offered to look at Ian's grandfather's clock mechanism. For all the negative gibes one hears about the Internet we otherwise would never have met and enjoyed the company and talents of such lovely people.

It is the small details that one recalls after a good time, here the Sage is tickling the underside of a day old chick who was unperturbed by the attention and cameras.

Even the weather was right, so we were able to wander around outside, so good to breathe in fresh unpolluted air, Ian was taken with the chimney of course.

Given the time I think this is where I have to say "To be continued" . I started this so I would be tired enough to sleep, and that is working. Continuation of these ramblings will explain why I wanted to tire myself out, the link between Sandringham and the Woolwich Ferry, and why Tuesday marked the end of an era.

Good night all.


  1. A gathering of bloggers, and at such a lovely looking place, too! That's great.
    Love the idea of tickling the underside of a day old chick, but I had no idea what the picture shows until I read the description :-)

  2. The risotto was for you, darling, but I think most people had a bit of it. Blue Witch was especially pleased at the variety of veggie foods, but I don't think that providing for vegetarians should be an afterthought.

    I've still got your cake tin, still containing the remnants of your delicious cake and if you feel like sharing the recipe at any time I'd appreciate it. Sorry you didn't see Bobby, have to be next time.

  3. That photo of the zedery chimneys shows off a lovely bright East Anglian sky. I must have been the only blogger there who forgot their camera.

    The risotto was gorgeous, as was all the other food.