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Monday, 18 June 2012

Bargain hunting

Yesterday Ian and I went to a car boot sale near daughter's flat, think we should have left earlier as by the time we actually entered the field punters were leaving and sellers were packing up. On the other hand, perhaps this was a good thing, for the above 17 knitting patterns and 1930s book cost the great sum of fifty pence. Both patterns and book are so vintage, but still interesting. Other great buys were a box of drawing pins for 5p, two trays of plants for £5, Ian bought an enormous book of calculus - wouldn't you have guessed it would be maths - plus a smaller book titled The Joy of Numbers, also a Rose Elliott low calorie vegetarian cookery book, a corner shelf, still in its wrappings and with fixings and so right for a plant in our porch.

 We boobed slightly on the one pound iPad transparent cover, thought it would be useful for Martha's but apparently it's not quite right. However, will protect the screen clean when she isn't using it. We have been to few car boot sales, say two or three, but this was not pressurised or scary, lots of kid's clothes, ancient paperbacks, odd collection of china but above all pleasant and friendly stall holders, even if the stall was just a blanket on the ground. Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with delicious coffee and millionaires shortbread at the farm cafe before a few purchases at the farm shop.

 Main thought about the weekend, was when we go anywhere, like this car boot sale, or the local shops is that is is very unlikely we will meet any one we know. Very liberating,coupled with the fact that no one knows where we are, even our son had forgotten we were away cat sitting. No pictures of the moggies, they hid from us under the sofa most of the time. They are still young, so maybe they will become less timid.

I took the photos of the patterns and the book with my iPad, wrote the above but failed to cut and copy the photograph across, even emailed it to myself and tried to copy across from that. Now back at PixieParent Towers have transferred photos to lap top and downloaded from that. Feelings of frustration when I cannot work out how to use iPad. I know, if  all else fails, read the instructions again.

Must get on, clothes to unpack; laundry, well it is Monday, and all the catching up from three enjoyable days away.

Added book to Ravelry so thought you should all see it too.


  1. There was a time (before ebay) when we regularly used to sell at car boot sales, and even longer ago we used to go there to buy. I always liked the vast variety of stuff to look at, and people to talk to! Now ebay has mostly replaced that for us, with the exception of the book sale in our town in September each year.

    Done the washing yesterday, too, and will do some ironing this morning before starting work.

  2. That old book looks fascinating - and as for old knitting patterns - some of them look like my Gran's. A wonderful find. I must go to more car boot sales myself. I keep saying I will, but then life intervenes.