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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Flower show

Haven't really had much about which to post here, life goes on in its usual chaotic fashion at Pixie Towers.

However, yesterday we went out to play at the Hampton Court Flower Show, attendance at which was suggested by my cousin M. (well our Mums were cousins but you get the relationship). The four of us, yes husbands came too, met up after a little local difficulty. Neither parties, who were arriving from different directions realised there was more than one entrance to the show, so we arrived at 10 at the Palace gate and the other couple were at the River entrance. Eventually we were together, thanks to mobile phones.

Started off by taking photos of the gardens, but then once we went off for lunch, forgot about the camera but here are a couple:-

Yes, not what we expected, it was to show what could be done with derelict land in an urban environment.
Another prettier garden, with lots of traditional cottage type plants is shown below. There were quite a few of these sorts of gardens, much greener, informal and natural. I like these.

this was lovely too.

Very crowded at times, we had lunch in the Alium Restaurant and Bistro, where we were able to sit, eat, chat indoors at a proper table and chairs.

More sitting down as we watched a demonstration of bread making, different methods from how we do it. Some very useful hints from the School of Artisan Food, little things like keep your yeast in the fridge, but put the bag (however well sealed) in a plastic container; don't use the sachets of yeast, lots of additives.
Reader, we bought the book, more practical than going on a course in Nottinghamshire.

Almost at the exit bought another book called Pretty Nostalgic Home; happy days from vintage ways by Nicole Burnett & Sarah Legg. Along with it were the first two issues of  a new magazine Pretty Nostalgic. 
It is self publishing, so hard in today's world that I would like to give you their website for you to see for yourself. . Just talking to the authors I felt they needed some encouragement, we did discuss indexes, ISBNs and the publishing world too. Hard work at the fringes of the show, but they were so cheerful and pleased to be staying in a B & B in Kingston rather than camping in the rain.

Looking at the catalogue now I realise that we missed so much, it would have been better to have had it before we went rather than buying it as we went in. Will look up stuff on t'internet instead, but now am off to watch programme about London streets. I know it will be recorded, but we never get round to watching recordings.

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  1. Indeed it sounds like there was a lot to see and learn there! In the 1990s, I went to see the Hampton Court Flower Show and enjoyed it a lot in spite of the crowds. I remember once particular display: It was a cottage that had one of the four seaons on each of its four sides. You could walk around it and see what the cottage and its garden would look like in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It was nicely done with a lot of attention to detail.