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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Shortest daylight day

Just thinking.... about a couple of things about Christmas. One is the tree. We have a reasonably realistic artificial tree that has appeared out of various hiding places for at least the past 20 years. It opened out, is decorated, by one person, or by all the family. Decorations have history, like the box of Polish decs bought at the Whitton light switching on evening, there are some infant school sewn items and frankly it is a hotch potch of colour, style and taste. The last attribute is questionable.

A couple of years ago we went all artistic. Out went the rainbow of colours, in came blue and silver, minimalism, enough but not overload, new fine lights that could change in frequency or brightness. It was lovely, elegant, even though the blueish light did clash with the yellowy lights in the window upstairs.

This year, as we are empty nesters the tree, lights and decorations were put up by Ian whilst my back was turned. I doubt we could fit more decorations on to this tree.

The other thought, is how my dear late Mother always baked and cooked everything at Christmas. she was a good baker, how she stored, cooked everything in the tiny galley 30s kitchen I'm not sure but I feel I am failing because I do buy more ready stuff. There is the orange Christmas pudding, the ready made mini mincepies, the pre-weighed cranberry sauce ingredients, likewise the Delia Smith Christmas cake pack. I think the latter does mean I cut out the weighing and measuring, especially as I no longer make cakes every week. I am sure my Mother would have appreciated these short cuts, maybe not the price tags that cover others doing the work but it does make me feel so guilty yet I do not know why. Am I doing my best for the family? Mostly it is down to Ian and I, Martha will be here but it is a good chance for her to catch up with her London friends, not stuck in with the parentals.

At present, just trying to sort a meal where there may be more veggie than non veggie guests so will probably serve all veggie so everybody can eat everything. Hope they will, lots of empty plates without my fear of not enough food either.

Now, need to get on, the Posada is arriving chez PixieMum  Mansions so we require a candle, wine glasses and those mince pies. Rare for us to entertain, am out of practice and find it scary. Oh, the wine and mince pies are not obligatory for receiving the Posada, we thought it would be good to offer them.


  1. That's my kind of tree, PixieMum. :-) Everything, but everything, we have collected over the years used o go on our tree. Now we go to one or other of the children for the festivities, I don't bother with a tree, but I do miss it. Hope the Posada reception went well.

  2. I like a hotch potch, myself. I'd probably not have had a tree this year if Dilly hadn't bought us one (she was shocked when I said we might not bother) so it's the decorations that bring back memories that make it worth having.

  3. Our tree is pretty crammed. You can't be artistic when the children keep rearranging things! :)

    Hope your entertaining turns out well and that you enjoy it all.

    Merry Christmas.