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Saturday, 3 December 2011

A good week.

Well, this week has been quite interesting, everything from son and D-in-L visiting last Sunday, a broken down car, a meeting with a blogging friend to a surprise shopping trip today with daughter. Best news of all, Ian passed his Open University Maths. exam so that is MS221 out of the way. So delighted  for him, he had done so well in all the assignments, but was worried about the 3 hour exam.

Will try to type this quickly as have not yet read the Saturday paper at all, before I know it there will be the Sunday papers to peruse. I've always enjoyed reading newspapers, as a child I developed the skill of reading upside down as my father would put the paper flat on the table, I sat opposite. My parents took the Express, in the days when it was a broadsheet, much more serious, if fewer pages. Apparently when they set up home, four and half years after their marriage there were discussions about which paper to buy for their choice had to be suitable for their children to read too. In the evening it was the London Evening Standard, it could have been the Evening News or the Star in those days when the capital had three paid for evening papers, including on Saturdays too.

Then papers were more for news, not for comment so much. We didn't seem to have the radio on, or perhaps not the Home Service when I was a child, I remember my father coming home from work, holding up the evening paper with headline: The Queen: a baby. That baby is the Duke of York now. It wasn't just newspapers, my mother had Woman magazine delivered with the paper. As she wouldn't have had time to read it till the evening it was hidden as I wanted to read it too! At one time they bought She but when the magazine published a pull out supplement called All you want to know about sex but were afraid to ask there was disapproval. Obviously Woman was more suitable reading!

Our big car breakdown was on Monday, on the way back from Teddington with my new bag and books. The Citroen Picasso started jumping kangaroo style, the engine stopped too when it wasn't grinding. Fortunately we were so near the garage, an appointment had been made for Wednesday anyway so Ian drove very gingerly to their premises and left it there. We collected it this morning. To be fair, it was ready yesterday late afternoon but we couldn't face convoying over there. Apparently the crank pulley and glow plugs had gone, plus we had new filters, (the air and pollen filters are essential for me) as well as an annual service. We have used this family  garage for about 25 years, so do have a loyalty discount and feel happy with them. The main dealers failed completely to sort a problem we had a couple of years ago with fuel injectors so we will not go back to them.

Tuesday saw me scurrying up to town to meet with Z, a lovely blogger from East Anglia who writes daily about all sorts of interesting and fascinating topics. Her blogs are the new newspapers, sometimes I read them before I settle down for the night, otherwise they are a joy to peruse early morning on my iPad. We chatted for about 5 -6  hours in the cafĂ© in the crypt of St Martins in the Field,  we were joined by Ian later who reminded us we needed lunch.

This is becoming a long blog, so will jump to today. Our church had a fair and a display of Christmas trees, we were just going to collect the car and go to the fair as Ian had made decorations for the choir tree and a tree from oasis, when Martha called to suggest meeting her in Kingston - she is missing John Lewis obviously. Hesitated, then said yes. So went to the church, bought cakes, saw the trees before being driven to Teddington station to catch a train immediately so very quick journey to Kingston.

I think these show the hymn books made by Ian on the choir tree.

We lunched, as you do, in John Lewis, so fortunate to have a table overlooking the river before shopping. All purchases are secret, but apparently I have yet to learn the art of wondering around shops, looking at stuff that I would never buy or desire.

Well, enough nattering, papers to read still, haven't done much knitting lately either, the train journey today was too short. If the pictures look a big colourless, I have since read the rules relating to my camera and it is back on auto.Those other symbols were so baffling, have gone for the KISS principle.

Oh, here's the oasis tree made by Ian with flowers stuck into the 'tree'.

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  1. Very well done to Ian. I haven't had time to glance at today's papers, so will have to have a Saturday and Sunday marathon tomorrow. It was a joy to meet you both. And I love the trees!