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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Delaying tactics

Saturday December 17th 2011 

Outside My Window:  Amongst the darkness some houses lit up with over the top decorations

I am thinking...  about Martha's friend's Mother who died on Wednesday 14th December from Cancer. Teresa was a few years younger than me, we were in adjoining beds in a maternity hospital, maybe that is when our daughters bonded. The girls went to the same secondary school, were in the same class and the friendship has endured although Martha lives 60 miles away. She came back last night to support her friend, an understanding reinforced by her work with those dealing with the aftermath of a death.

I am thankful for... Ian has been able to get into our old Blueyonder email address and find 10,000 emails as we were asked why we had not replied to our (only) party invitation. Apparently we are usually one of the quickest to reply. Most of the emails relate to Freecycle, as I read these on one of my other emails we have not lost any bargains. Away from Freecycle, what else have we missed?
I am wearing ... green cord East skirt, Uniqlo cable knit cashmere jumper and chunky cardigan, the cream coloured one I completed after a 20 year gap.

Sunday evening.
Well, I never got to finish this blog so will post it as it is. 

Just a thought from the kitchen, am going to put the marzipan on the Christmas cake, thought I would need have a cake board as part of this, but have checked with Delia and will need board for icing. Am going to marzipan the sides as well, although the leaflet with cake has marzipan and icing on the top only.Also, will make royal icing, don't like the roll out icing so we will be having our usual snow scene. Traditional, just like my Mum made.

Yes, I know this is a bit close to Christmas, but I just keep forgetting about it! Will photograph it after, and may add that to these ramblings later.


  1. It occurred to me today that we haven't yet received our usual invitation for New Year's Day. That it involves a several-miles-long bracing walk and I hurt for a week afterwards last time isn't the point. I'll be dropping strong hints in a day or two.

    I'm so sorry for Teresa's family. That is sad and shocking, and it does feel worse at this time of the year when everyone else is cheerful.

  2. Ann's made and (I think) iced ours, but as Nea and her girls are coming over for Christmas I haven't decorated ours yet. As they arrive on 23rd. They won't have much time, and if, after their journey, they don't feel up to it, I'll have to do it on Christmas Eve. Oh well, it'll get done (D.V.).
    We wish you both a very happy Christmas - Mike and Ann.