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Saturday, 3 December 2011


After all that blogging about newspapers I think we are missing part of our paper. There is no Weekend supplement, no property - not that I am wanting to buy another home but I lurve looking at interiors for ideas -no personal finance. Ian said there wasn't another plastic wrapped section apart from the magazine. It appears that the app on my iPad does not have these supplements so I am pleased I don't pay extra as the app comes with the subsciption.

Oh well, it is late. Ian is just boiling water for the hot water bottles, so good night.

Sunday morning.

Ian collected Sunday's paper this morning, and the rest of Saturday's as it turned out that not all Saturday's paper had been delivered by 9am yesterday. Newsagents had therefore saved it for us to collect with today's paper. As we have a prepaid subscription papers are put aside for us, some times it is quite late when we amble down to our urban village.

Very different Sunday for us. We had planned to go to son's to help him and his wife assemble the IKEA wardrobes that were to be delivered yesterday, but they weren't, and have just been so it is too late for us to drive to their home today. Instead Ian is continuing with painting the kitchen, it isn't too bad, but some areas need freshening up. He's painted some door frames, now it is the larder so all the food has been taken out. Good to see what we have, there is even more in the dining room than shown below.

We suspect some items are well out of date, such as the four 5-litre containers of water, with a use by date of end July 2011 so we are not sure whether these should be kept any longer. They were bought earlier in the year when water supplies were threatened, have been kept in the dark that is the larder. We wouldn't waste the water if it were not drinkable, loo flushing comes to mind. What do my readers think? 

Here is the larder, awaiting cleaning and painting.

Lunch preparation calls, will I find everything?


  1. Given that I am called Four Dinners you can dispose of any unwanted food as I drive past - I have many driving students in Twickenham - just look out for a car with 'Britannia' plastered on it and chuck the food to will be eaten before I arrive home!!!

  2. Will keep you posted regarding the out of date food! Think a lot of it is old spices and herbs.

    It may interest you to know that I learnt to drive using the Britannia driving school, the office was in Twickenham then. I learnt, and took the test, in my own car, a 1961 Arctic Grey Morris Minor, it had semaphore signals too. Such larks. It was an early morning test, spent mostly in Twickenham Road, Isleworth waiting to turn right into St John's Road. No traffic lights or mini roundabouts, the Test Centre was in London Road, Isleworth. Even the eyesight test was easy, I hadn't had time to put my specs on yet could read the number plate easily.
    Forty years on still driving around the area avoiding learners who practice, and I suspect, take their test on the estate where I live.

  3. I think the water should be okay,, the 'Use By' date is more to do with the chemicals that are used in the bottle making process,, and I suppose that these may taint the water.