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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Women's world day of prayer

Just a little review about yesterday morning when I attended the local Women's World Day of Prayer, which was held at the church I attend. Apparently this annual event is always first Friday in March, don't remember attending one before but may have always been at work.

Some of us had been asked to make little loaves, no one had any idea of how many we would need in the end Ian made a batch the evening before and we didn't use the ones I'd made in little loaf tins and frozen. Worked on the idea if the freshly baked weren't needed we could freeze them, but couldn't refreeze others.

The service had been prepared by Christian women of Chile, I thought it was slightly long but inspirational and thought provoking. Mention was made of the Chilean miners and their rescue, the service had been prepared before this happened.

Our vicar's wife made a cake, I didn't think to photograph anything until I saw some one else taking pictures so took camera out and just snapped a few pictures.

The cake had been cut but the logo can be seen.  the vicar's wife had arranged the flowers too,

Finally views of the table on which the bread was placed and a group enjoying excellent refreshments and chat after the service. Surprised how many people I knew there, especially as it was interdenominational and not just our district but the local town too.

Will update everyone on the home refurbishments another time, yesterday required a blog of its own.

Keep warm, keep in touch,


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