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Monday, 14 March 2011

Busy busy busy

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 14th March 2011

Outside my window ... sunshine, very frosty earlier but now beautiful. Good drying weather so washing machine whirling away.

From the learning rooms ... Ian checking and thinking about his maths  TMA (tutor marked assignment)
I am thankful ... that Martha's training going well for the marathon. Just in case any one would like to contribute to her charity, Pancreatic Cancer UK her page is .
 It is not just about money though, it is in memory of her friend Gemma so do read about that.
From the kitchen ... yesterday we had Fairtrade breakfast at church, bought museli, apricots and honey from Fairtrade/Tradecraft  stall. Very sociable occasion too, as some worshippers from 8am service were joined by those from 10am.

I am wearing ... long grey M & S skirt with hand knitted pink polo neck jumper. 
I am creating ... socks, cushion cover and jacket. Knitted the heel of socks whilst travelling to London via Piccadilly line, have to pick up along sides next but not sure so will take it to Mrs Moon for help on Thursday.

I am going ... to wait before we put most of the pictures back on the walls, consider the wide choice we have and may wait for sofas to come. Mirrors are a given, opens up the house.
I am reading ...  house interior magazines again before they go out.
I am hoping... that it will not be too long before our sofas are made and delivered. The carpet is being laid this Wednesday, so the sofas will be the last item. 
I am hearing ... men working on the roof and the decorators working in our dining room.
Around the house ...  utter chaos at Pixie Towers. Outside we have scaffolding in front of the garage going up to the chimney top. The chimney stack is being repointed, when the smoke test was done for the new fire some smoke came out of sides of chimney not the top. We left the work until the better weather and it is ideal today. 

Ian taking advantage of the scaffolding to take pictures from on high.
Inside our lovely decorators are with us for the third and final day. The back room has been painted and now the front room is being bought to standard. All the rooms in this house are decorated with anaglypta paper and painted in magnolia so we have a blank canvas on which to hang pictures, photographs, maps, certificates. Also, means that walls are easy maintenance, Ian can touch up marks, repaint in between professional refurbishment. As the decorators work is of a very high standard it lasts a long while. 
One of my favourite things ... friendliness of the urban village in which we live. This morning, for the second time this year, I collected the newspaper, met a neighbour and we caught up on the news; other people smiled, don't know them but recognise them as familiar faces. 
A picture thought I am sharing ... this is the back room with all paraphanalia so the front room can be decorated. Twill all be worth it, that's what we say.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... not sure, domestic goddess role seems to be taking over. Think there is a Lent group on Thursday, will go to Local Studies as usual. Also, Adam and Juliet are joining us on Sunday to celebrate Ian's birthday. Not the actual date as it is a work day for them. Haven't seen them for a while, their last visit precipitated the new furniture and redecorating malarkey.

 Find instructions and links to other daybooks at The Simple Woman to whom acknowledgement should be made.


  1. Best wishes to Martha, pancreatic cancer is a beast. My mother died of it, but she was 79 - a couple of friends did too, much younger. I've sent a little donation.

  2. Thanks so much for supporting Martha, really appreciated.

    Incidentally her second name is the same as yours. As her brother is Adam we were asked frequently when we were going to have an Eve, so we used the Greek form of the name as it doesn't begin with a vowel. Martha was always going to be her first Christian name.

    It suits her, she's like her biblical namesake; we hoped it wouldn't be shortened or misspelt; wasn't the name of any of Ian's previous girlfriends or any living relations.(My maternal grandmother's second name)

    Perhaps these criteria may help Dilly or Weeza name their children!

    Best wishes, Madeleine.

  3. Wow you are busy good luck with the finishing off of house stuff. We are just getting to the end or our kitchen renovations, I am taking pictures and may blog the story when it is all done!

  4. Hope the decorating is progressing !
    Martha 's fund raising seems to be going well.
    I've been busy raising money for Susan Shepherd ,a friend who is also running in the marathon, It's a life long ambition she is finally attempting at the age of 62 !

  5. Hello Madeleine. Just a thought - if you're coming to Z's Wall Party, why not shove the offending clock into the boot for me to have a look at it. Shan't operate on Z's kitchen table, but a quick look should tell me if it's economically viable to do the job (and I shan't charge you for my opinion). If you do decide to bring it, detach the pendulum and gently bung up the bell/gong (for your own sanity).
    Regards, Mike.