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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 7th March 2011/8th March 2011

Outside my window ... sunshine, bright and cold. So lovely after greyness.
I am thinking ... that running one's home and life is as if one is a one or two person business. Have just paid tax bill on line; now am trying to sort out savings on line. There was something to be said for the old fashioned bank manager.

From the learning rooms ... quiet, Ian is away at his U3A art class.
I am thankful ... Picasso car passed it's MOT test today. Very low annual mileage, just 3210. As it's a diesel and big car we use the very old petrol Corsa around town, cheaper on fuel, easier to park, also it didn't mind the cold weather.
From the kitchen ...  Yesterday (ie Monday) made up cakes using the Friendship Cake mix. Very pleased with result, Martha took samples to work, she texted to say cakes had gone well. Think I may cook next batch in a deeper but smaller baking tray. Have frozen starter again, seems to do no harm.

I am wearing ... blue cashmere polo neck jumper from John Lewis and M & S blue cord skirt. Tuesday, it is long grey skirt and Gap black wool and mohair slightly itchy polo neck jumper.
I am creating ... socks, jacket and cushion cover. For first sock have reached heel flap, need how to work out how it's done using magic loop; jacket, thought I had gone wrong as pattern didn't explain until much later that it was double moss stitch so had unknitted a row for nothing, I'd not gone wrong; first cushion cover completed, in use. Second one work in progress.

I am going ... to post a congratulations to grandparents card to my US penfriend, we have been writing to each other since we were about 12. Nowadays it's Facebook, originally surface mail. She's Martha's Godmother and shows much more interest than the other Godmother who is a blood relation.
I am reading ... Need to start reading group book, Twilight. Knitting seems to have taken preference over reading.
I am hearing ... on Tuesday afternoon it is very quiet, the school children have gone past the house, the planes have changed flight path so all can be heard is clock ticking and tap of keys.

Around the house ... carpet has been offered on Freecycle, we are waiting to ensure it goes to the most deserving cause; decorators start this Thursday. New carpet is in at the shop. Carpet being collected this evening (Tuesday), going to some one who doesn't have one. 

One of my favourite things ... house to myself on Tuesday afternoon. Quite like my own company, can think, even could have radio on and listen without interruption. sounds unkind, but not meant to be. Wonder if I am becoming reclusive, don't socialise much, apprehensive when I go to event or to meet up with anyone. Certainly don't wish to be involved in an organised way, like to turn up, assist, do what has to be done and creep away. Anyway I'm not good as seeing what needs to be done, am not a managing/organising sort of person, instead analytical, being on the sidelines, watching and in the background.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... local history society talk tonight, hope it is better than last month, less said about that the better; meeting with development officer of BLF to discuss the local Breathe Easy group; meeting up with former house mate in London for lunch and chat. We may take in an exhibition.
A picture thought I am sharing ... 

 Didn't realise flash would show up on wooden table, can never remember how to turn flash off.

Really need to concentrate, there are 40 rows of cable pattern as well as rest of pattern!


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  2. I'm horribly managing. More than I want to be, although I admit to being pleased when I feel I've done something that has gone well. But I do admire people who keep out of the limelight and yet achieve a lot, quietly and unsung.

    I used to be quiet, but not now. I'm not proud of this!

    And I agree with you, I appreciate knowing who is reading, but I know that some people are really diffident about leaving comments. Years ago, I was, until I learned better.