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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Stitch and craft show

Hi folks,

Just a quick report reviewing my thoughts and purchases from the Stitch and Craft show. I'd had an email from local school friend asking if I'd like to go with her. We settled on Friday, took 3 trains but we were fortunate with connections so whole journey took about 40 minutes.

Hadn't attended any thing like this before but enjoyed it. Few random jottings:-

One of the few times recently when I regretted not taking a cheque book, some stalls  didn't take cards. Understandable, but never saw a warning on S & C web page.

Catering: long queues. Although veggie sandwiches were on menu there were none at basement service point,  didn't matter as I'm not veggie but would have been angry to have had to queue again elsewhere.

Not enough loos, queues for ladies. Not the fault of the organisers but the venue.

Memo to self: don't forget the patterns you have printed out so you know the quantity and ply of the yarn needed. It didn't work with Ian texting the details   :(   Not his fault though.

Apart from these niggles, enjoyed it all, have increased my stash, marvelled at the beautiful and detailed work that crafters do. Couldn't see myself doing some paper crafts but can admire the work and skills of others.

This is for another cushion cover. Well I do own 9 Lloyd Loom chairs and we have 2 sofas on order.

 This is for socks, have to complete first ever pair of course.

This is going to be for a frilly scarf, I was told it is easy and the colours will complement the dress I'm wearing.

This is for a cushion cover too, even had the pattern thrown in with yarn.

Quite restrained, but have lots of knitting to do, have finished the second pewter coloured cushion cover but it   is in need of blocking and sewing up. May consider a crochet edging to pretty it up.

Not as tired after the day out, was home about 5pm. Unusual for me to go off somewhere without Ian, but it is good for us to do so sometimes.

As a result of my enthusiasm bought The Knitter and Knitting for this month yesterday.

Well, that's it tonight. Another time will tell you about today when we went to lunch with son, DiL and daughter to celebrate Ian's birthday. That's next week on a work day.

Good night, sleep tight,


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