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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Constant pain

Well the drugs haven't made much impact on the pain of the ligament damage and nerve pain in my lower right back and leg. Additionally the side effects of the pain killers have added to my woes, needless to say constipation was one of them so Lactalose was added to the cocktail. Think it is helping but has meant another day housebound.

What made this worse today is that is is Darling Husband's birthday (he shares it with Elton John) and I was not able to take him out for a meal as planned. For hygiene reasons I didn't think it wise for me to be in the kitchen so he even cooked the supper on his birthday.

Now he's come back from Home Group but actually there wasn't one, so he chatted to the leaders (who are friends anyway). I think they were better company than me, given my sudden shrieks of pain. I have done my physio exercises, first time I have remembered them all without recourse to the printed instructions.

Neither of us could finish the quick crossword today. On the plus side our house looks lovely as our treasure came today and after we had eaten lunch together she zoomed around. If only we can keep the standard up before she comes again in a fortnight. Sent her home with three slices of the Marmalade cake.

Off to bed, DH has made coffee so will post and shut laptop down.

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