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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Saturday evening thoughts

Why would anyone take recreational drugs? I'm taking codeine & paracetamol as well as non steroid anti inflammatory drugs and although these are just about making the pain bearable they are making me feel very whoozy, not with it and lethargic. Have spent much of the day in bed sleeping.

Thanks to our efficient local National Health Service I had X-rays taken of my hips yesterday and have an appointment next week to discuss the results. Also, when I found it impossible yesterday to cope with the pain with just paracetamol, I had a telephone consultation with GP who provided a presciption. Darling husband collected this, had it dispensed so I was able to sleep for 8 hours without being woken by the pain. None of this has cost us anything, although I was prepared to pay for X-rays if there had been a long wait.

Last night I was able to catalogue more of our books using Library Thing. Quite surprised that we have books that no one else owns and for which there is no British Library catalogue entry either.  Using my professional skills, but so different from Anglo American cataloguing rules and writing entries on 5 x 3 cards.

Views of some of our IKEA Billy bookshelves in our hall showing the books I added.

Am off shortly to watch a programme about City of Detroit. Have been there before its demise, remember having a meal in Hudsons department store and watching people in the shopping mall, long before malls came to England. My penfriend of some 50 years lives in Michigan, about 30 miles northwest of the city.


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