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Sunday, 15 January 2017


In case my readers think I have given up blogging I have just had my new Blog swallowed by Blogger.

All discussions about Edward's jumper and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation course have gone.

I may consider moving elsewhere. 


  1. I would miss your posts if you should really move elsewhere! What happened? Are you sure the missing post is not under "Drafts"?

  2. Have checked all ways, definitely my carefully crafted blog has gone. DD has switched to Wordsmith, if I do so I will leave a link on here.

    I want to continue to blog, but I cannot bear the stress that Blogger is causing me. I know I am not the only person who has had problems with this platform. If any of my few readers can help please do so.

  3. I stopped using Blogger when they had that awful word verification that I couldn't read and, I suspect, drove a lot of people from commenting. Occasionally a post was lost, which was infuriating - I tried to remember to back up drafts first but usually forgot. Tim drafts his posts in Word initially as he doesn't like typing directly onto Blogger. As long as you leave a link, we'll follow - btw, if you do remember to turn off comments here as otherwise an unused blog starts to attract spammers!

  4. Hooray, I've got the text in my feed reader! I'll email it to you xx