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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Resurrected post

With many, many thanks to Zoe of Razorblade of Life blog who managed to save my blog and send it to me on a Word document but I am unable to bring you the lost photos. 

Since November I have been knitting a sleeveless top for Edward, have struggled with the pattern, especially with picking up stitches around the neck and armholes. It is finished, I am not happy with it but will not undo it, Edward won't mind.  The pattern, Argyle slipover  is by Debbie Bliss from her book "Special Knits: 22 gorgeous handknits for babies". The Argyle chevrons were missed out, never tried this  and felt this wasn't the right time to learn.


Apart from the difficulties with Blogger and the business of Christmas there's another reason my blogging has been intermittent, for when I attended the Royal Brompton hospital on 31st October I was advised to attend another Pulmonary Rehabilitation course, these are held twice a week for a couple of hours, the whole course is 12 sessions, just four more to do. Of course it is more than 4 hours per week, one has to travel to the venue, park the car, be ready to start at 3pm, then travel home in the rush hour feeling utterly exhausted. Given the cold weather, when he can, Ian has been dropping me at the door, then coming back to collect me at end of play, I should be grateful, our borough has ring fenced these courses but I find the emphasis on exercise very difficult, however in the last couple of sessions I have felt a slight sense of improvement, even managed the marching on the spot for seven and a half minutes, upping the levels on the bike and treadmill last Wednesday. It does seem odd to exercise in ordinary clothes, no clinging Lycra here, my PE kit is saved for my weekly Pilates sessions.

After the exercises, which we are supposed to continue at home as apparently exercise is as important, or maybe more important than medication, we have a pep talk. This time the course is a rolling one so those joining last week had a talk about what to do after completion of the course, usual health talks about nutrition, mental health and medication do help, I didn't realize how frequently one has to replace a spacer for instance.

Finally, the saga of the missing Advent calendar continues, nothing was found when the Christmas decorations were stowed away so we live in hope as the decluttering continues. Ian donated 21 shirts to the local hospice charity shop this week, I have started a scarf clearance, well at the last count there were over 60 so a culling is needed as fashions change.


  1. 60 scarves, I'm impressed!
    So glad Zoe was able to help.
    I fully agree with the emphasis on exercise. If it wasn't for regular ("regular" being the magic word here) exercise, I would not be able to work full-time, and would not have been to do so since my mid-30s. I have scoliosis, a condition of the spine that is unhealable but can be put on hold and very well coped with when one sticks to their exercises and gets occasional physio therapy. Well, I am happy to say that at nearly 50, I am physically fitter than I was at 30 - and I do not take any medication for the problem, just exercise and a good mattress in my bed!
    Keep up the good work, I hope you'll keep noticing improvement.

  2. I've moved over to Wordpress - so much easier to use and much more functionality!